CJ's Senior Portraits

at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth


senior pictures at fort williams in cape elizabeth maine

“The photo shoot itself was relaxed and fun!  Will was so good with CJ and really got her to feel comfortable.  The whole shoot was amazing, beyond my expectations!”

“CJ had three very different outfits for the shoot and Will really captured a lot of her personality and moods throughout the evening.  The photo viewing session the following week was incredible.  There were so many images that we loved and it was very difficult to make our selections.  The contrast of the colors in the surrounding landscape against the color of CJ’s clothing and her skin tone were almost dreamlike in some of the photos.  Really beautiful!”

Sheila Carlson

CJ’s mom

featured image for CJ

Hi guys, it’s Will – I photograph all the seniors here at Focus Photography. I just wanted to thank you for looking at this senior gallery, and mention that while I photograph everything from newborns to weddings, I don’t think any portrait is more important than a high school senior photo shoot.  

Shot poorly (as mine were), senior photos can be an albatross around your neck – bad pictures, bad memories, and support a poor self-image.  I was such a dork, and no one helped me. I didn’t even let my mom buy any of the images. I won’t let that happen to you.

But when senior pictures are done well, the shoot will be an experience you’ll remember forever. The images can be both a source of pride, and can help shape a senior’s self-image at a time they can be hard on themselves. They’re way more important than just a requirement for the yearbook – they’re a milestone of growing up.

If you’d like to rock your senior photoshoot, instead of hating the images forever, I’d love to chat with you.  Here’s how you can get in touch:

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