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“The photoshoot was relaxed and fun!  Will was so good with CJ and really got her to feel comfortable.  The whole shoot was amazing, beyond my expectations!  We went to Fort William and the lighting and weather was beautiful!.”

“CJ had three very different outfits for the shoot and Will really captured a lot of her personality and moods throughout the evening.  The photo viewing session the following week was incredible.  There were so many images that we loved and it was very difficult to make our selections.  The contrast of the colors in the surrounding landscape against the color of CJ’s clothing and her skin tone were almost dreamlike in some of the photos.  Really beautiful!”

“Thank you Lucia and Will again for making this so special for us!”

CJ Carlson & Her Mom Sheila

Scarborough High

scarborough high school student CJ had her senior pictures done at fort williams in cape elizabeth, maine

Here’s How You Can Get Senior Pictures You’ll Love!

Step 1

Pick Your Session!

Check out our sessions page to see the options for your photoshoot. Do you want an epic, half-day fashion shoot; our basic one hour studio shoot, or something in between?

Photo Shoot Page

Step 2

Choose Your Locations!

Maine is the most picturesque and photogenic state, and we work at some beautiful spots.

Look at our Locations page for ideas.

Step 3

Schedule Your Appointments!

Call the studio (207 772-4274) to set your photoshoot and your shopping appointment.

Have your calendar and a credit card ready, or better yet, give your mom your schedule and have her call us!

Step 4

Choose Your Clothing!

Go shopping in your closet, online, or at the mall.

We’ve written a clothing guide for senior girls about what to wear, or you can text us photos of outfits you’re thinking about.