Crysania Kelley

Biddeford HS Class of 2019

Crysania’s mom describers her as having her world turned upside down by choir, so that’s the theme of some of the pictures of her in this carousel.  Crysania was very easy to photograph – her mother Kelley was a photographer as well, and the two of them had spent years practicing for her senior pictures with Focus Photography (that’s how I like to think of it – they probably use different words).  

We’re very grateful for the opportunity to get to know a little about this unique Maine senior, and to have been chosen to create her senior portraits!

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Times Square Music Storm

The Making Of Video

Times Square Music Storm

This is a stop motion video of a poster we designed for a senior from Biddeford HS who loves choir, and came in with a bunch of sheet music to play with.

Posted by Senior Pictures at Focus Photography on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Check this out.  This is a stop-motion video created from different points though the creation of Crysania’s choir poster!

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