Locations For Senior PicturesOn The Coast Of Maine!

"Will and Lucia, thank you from the bottom of my heart. The images are amazing. Brianna rarely likes pictures of herself, but she loves these. She thinks that they look real."
Katrina Newton - Brianna's Mom

Locations For Senior Pictures

Portland, Maine's working waterfront is a great place for senior pictures!

Downtown Portland

On the Waterfront & In The Old Port

Portland’s working waterfront is one of the most iconic spots in Maine for your senior pictures.

We’ll start on the cobblestone lanes of downtown, and then work our way around the piers for that unique Maine look!

Afternoons and sunsets are preferable times for waterfront shoots, and high tide photographs the best.

Contact us today to learn more about clothing, scheduling, and pricing, and to lock in one of the few senior spots remaining!

Dramatic lighting, fashion looks, and perfect hair make our studio session images pop

In Our Studio

You’ll have perfect hair, and perfect lighting for your studio session, and with dozens of background and foreground combinations, no two studio sessions are ever the same.

The Studio is also where we shoot our Extreme Sports Composites, Fashion Strips, Concept Shoots, and RockStar images, and is our most popular location and the easiest to schedule!

Our studio is in an old mill building in Westbrook, where we’ve got plenty of room to get you unique images you can’t get anywhere else!

Schedule a free studio tour to see our camera room and galleries.

senior pictures in the flower gardens

At The Parks

Fort Williams, Mill creek, and the Audubon Center

The Park is the place to go if you want portraits with flowers, trees, grass and sunlight.

The bright colors of tulip beds and manicured lawns form perfect backgrounds.

Or the woods and plains of the Audubon center give a great outdoorsy feel.

And at Fort Williams, we can use the ruins of military buildings, and the scenic nautical view of Casco Bay.

When you work with Focus Photography, we’ll create scenic environmental portraits; tightly cropped images; traditional headshots; and softer portraits with a gentle glow.

sports poster of athlete dressed up in front of poster of himself in uniform

On The Beach

There are two different Maine beach styles – the long sandy beaches like Crescent and Popham, and the rockier shore of Maine (like Falmouth and Fort Williams have).
When we plan your senior photo shoot at the beach in Maine, we’ll ask you your preference.

The sandier beaches will have more people on them around you, and the rocky beaches will have less sand.

That’s Your Choice!

The time of day we shoot them, however, is not (your choice).

It’s natural when you think of the beach, to think about going while the sun is high in the sky. That’s when we go to the beach, right?

But that’s not when we photograph beach sessions at Focus Photography. We want your images to have the best, most flattering light possible. Doesn’t that make sense?

Our beach sessions all start one hour before sunset, and we can only do one beach shoot a day. Our calendar fills up quickly, so if you’re thinking of having your senior pictures taken at the beach, you’ll want to get scheduled as soon as possible!

senior pictures of girl on boats at marina in maine

Your Place

Upta Camp, At the lake, At your school, and even your back yard

Over the 12 years we’ve been creating senior pictures in Maine, our clients have asked us to go to golf courses, horse stables, yacht clubs, lake houses, football fields, airport tarmacs, and back yards.

If you want a senior photo shoot completely unique to you, just pick the place.

Your Place locations may have a travel fee based on the time and cost it takes to get there. We’ll go to New York City for a senior shoot, but we won’t be able to work with any other clients that day, so there’s a little extra charge.

featured image for Locations For Senior Pictures

“ Working with Will (at Focus) was incredible! Not only was he a lot of fun, but he really knew what he was doing. I got ‘Yearbook Pictures”, and then these other images that show so much more of my personality.”


“To upcoming seniors, I just have to say that you should try to do the most with Focus as you can! Go to the beach, the old port, and the studio and just have a blast with it!”

Sarah Foster

Westbrook HS

senior portrait westbrook high school student
scarborough high school senior pictures at gilsland farm maine audobon center in falmouth

Here’s How You Can Get Senior Pictures You’ll Love!

Step 1

Pick Your Session!

Check out our pricing page to see the options for your photoshoot. Do you want an epic, half-day fashion shoot; our basic one hour studio shoot, or something in between?

Pricing Page

Step 2

Choose Your Locations!

Maine is the most picturesque and photogenic state, and we work at some beautiful spots.

Look at our Locations page for ideas.

Step 3

Schedule Your Appointments!

Call the studio (207 772-4274) to set your photoshoot and your shopping appointment.

Have your calendar and a credit card ready, or better yet, give your mom your schedule and have her call us!

Step 4

Choose Your Clothing!

Go shopping in your closet, online, or at the mall.

We’ll send you a guide about what to wear to help, or you can text us photos of outfits you’re thinking about.

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