Senior Pictures At The Park 

Whether your idea of the perfect park is manicured flower gardens and tree covered paths; hiking ttrails and wildlife a t the Audubon center; or the variety of rocky shore, military ruins and pastoral beauty at Fort Williams, we’re in.

Photoshoot Pricing:

All our safari shoots are on sale for $89 throughout August, and are only $99 combined with a studio session.  (reg. 175 & 195)

Ten inch mounted prints are 79, and wall art, senior books, and digital and specialty products are available.

Call for details – (207) 772-4274

What To Wear?

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“I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to work with a photographer for my senior pictures, but when I heard I could just hang out will Will at Fort WIlliams, and I could even bring my girlfriend, it didn’t sound that bad. 

And it wasn’t.  Will was funny, and he even took some picture of Hailey and I, and I look pretty good in most of them.  Thanks”

Colby Wirth

“Being dark skinned, I was worried about finding a photographer who knew how to make my skin glow, and the images of me with the bright flowers all around are  better than I had hoped for.”

Sherri Lusum

“Sarah really wanted a park session, but she didn’t want as many faces staring at her as she’d get at Fort Williams.  I’m so glad you suggested the Audubon center – she was much happier that there wouldn’t be a million eyes on her.

We all love the images you took of her down by the pond.”

Mary Zagat

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