Testimonials from past seniors and their parents


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I Will Always remember my experience with you guys!!!

“I loved my photoshoot, we went to the Audubon Center in Falmouth and we had a great time! It was fun to take pictures with the turkeys and Will told funny jokes. I will always remember my experience with you guys.”

” I had quite a few favorite pictures and I loved how all my pictures came out, they were very pretty. I loved the sunlight and fall colors in them as well as the cooler colors as well. Will got great shoots of all of the outfits I got as well.

Ivy Buxton

Falmouth HS

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Definitely Go To Focus Photography!

“My session with Will from Focus was incredible. He made me feel as if I were a movie star! He also made it a fun experience and had a great personality that made you laugh and be yourself. I told my friends how fun it was, and then I got 100% bragging rights when it came to our pictures. Mine were by far the best!”

“The photoshoot flew by – I wish I could have had three sessions on three different days so I could have kept feeling so beautiful.  I’ve never seen pictures of myself that were so amazing!”

“Definitely go to Focus Photography. It’s an amazing experience and you won’t be unsatisfied with any pictures, and that’s a promise!”

Natasha Manson

Winslow High School

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My images have more personality than any others’ I’ve seen

“I chose Focus Photography because I saw the quality of the previous seniors’ portraits, and I knew I wanted to have my portraits done by people who were passionate about personality, creativity, and quality.”

“Will’s photography style is crisp and clean, even to an untrained eye.  Each person is an individual and Will really knows how to show their personality with his portraits.”

“In my pictures, I look gorgeous!  I was very happy with the variety I had to choose from.  I had silly pictures, serious pictures, and pictures showing off the things I love.  My images have more personality than any others’ I’ve seen from friends or taken myself.”

Sasha Bukovskey

Gray New-Gloucester HS

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These are the best pictures of my life, and I’ll remember the shoot forever!

“I liked everything about my photo session with Will – his fun nature, and his passion for photography.  And of course, I liked how good I looked in the pictures!”

“I didn’t feel rushed.  Focus made the experience fun and I appreciated their input on outfit changes.  I loved both Will and Lucia’s enthusiasm!!!!”

Molly Beard

Freeport High School

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They were willing to photograph me at the airport to show my love of flying!

“I have been flying airplanes since I was in 10th grade… That’s why my photoshoot took place at the Jetport.”

“The images the photographer captured are really how I want the world to see me. I didn’t feel coerced or manipulated in anything that felt awkward. I loved how Focus made my shoot all about me.”

Steven Snyder

Portland High School

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When you get your pictures to choose from you’re gonna want every one of them.

“Focus Photography stood out to me because of their pictures, and what caught my eye was that they offered a high fashion look.”

“My session with Will was enjoyable.  I felt right at home during the session, and they were incredibly friendly. “

“I don’t usually take good pictures, but when they showed me my options there must have been close to 80, and they were all fabulous.”

“The style and quality of my pictures is amazing.  When you get your pictures to choose from you’re gonna want every one of them.”

Amy Melanson

Scarborough high school

sheet music falling on musician - senior pictures in maine.

I love my images – no one else has anything like them!!

“I really enjoyed working with Will from Focus Photography during my shoot. He helped me to relax and feel comfortable. I was impressed with how he would snap images at times I wouldn’t think he would to create a natural look.”

“I love my images!! The quality of the portraits captured is truly very impressive. The techniques Will used to make me stand out from the background, and how everything flows so nicely together really gave my images the great quality that they have.”

“I go to a private arts academy in Michigan (Interlochen Center for the Arts), and my focus is on music. Will created a number of images with sheet music that are very special to me.”

May Ye

Waterville, ME

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Both my boys loved going to Focus Photography.

“Both my boys loved going to Focus Photography.  They still talk about how much fun they had.  Will helped them to relax and brought out the ‘true’ personalities of each boy.”

“Our family really loves the finished prints.  We bought a framed collage of each of our sons, and they are so different for each of the boys.  They really demonstrate the person they are.”

Elizabeth Oleson & Her Sons Casey and Jonathan


deering high school senior pictures
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Some of my pictures are so good I have to remind myself whose picture I’m looking at.

“I had a really enjoyable time at my photo shoot.  I like how the photographer’s directions were easy to follow and understand.  He gave me the freedom to do what I want, or the ability to follow his directions into a really good pose.”

“Some of my pictures are so good I have to take a second look and remind myself whose picture I’m looking at.”

“If you want something really unique, and you’re not afraid to spend a little money, go to focus, especially if you don’t want your pictures looking like everyone else’s.”

Vanessa Martin

Biddeford HS

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What I like best about my images is they show the real me, not a fake dressed up version. 

“I chose Focus Photography because my sister had a lot of fun doing her pictures there.  She told me not to even look at any other photographers, and she was right.”

“My photo session with will was fun all around.  He made the entire experience comfortable and easy.  I could really be myself, and the pictures show that!”

“What I like best about my images is they show the real me, not a fake dressed up version.  It makes them more personal, and authentic.”

Lyndise Lorum

Scarborough HS

senior girl photographed at stone wall of ruin building in maine
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Focus’s images were better. I’m so glad I chose Focus Photography!

“I am so pleased with how my pictures came out. I think you really captured me at my best. I also liked how some of the pictures weren’t exactly portraits, but more like pieces of art that happened to have me in them.”

“When I looked at the Focus website, I was really impressed by the combination of creativity and professional quality of your images. At first, I thought the prices would be out of reach, but then I realized that the prices for other photographers were about the same, if not higher, and plus, Focus’s images were better. I’m so glad I chose Focus Photography!”

Abbie Bonnevie

Greely HS

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at Focus,each of the pictures is unique.

“You know what I like best about my senior pictures? They don’t look like everyone else’s!”

“I worked on the yearbook and several students from a different photography studio had the exact same pose, on the exact same staircase, in the same outfit! That would never happen at Focus, because each of the pictures is unique.”

Kayla Richardson

south portland high school

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I don’t like being photographed… but I love the posters with my guitars!!

“ My pictures are really well done, and they capture a lot of different sides and emotions. My session was fun and easy (and this is coming from someone who dreaded doing it in the first place).”

“I want to thank you for making it easy for me. I don’t like being photographed, I didn’t want a headshot, and I didn’t want to look at pictures of myself.”

“But I love the posters we did with all my guitars, and I’m really glad I came!

Chris Eaton

North Yarmouth Academy

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