90 Bridge Street, Westbrook, ME 207.772.4274

Senior Portrait Photography Studio

You’ll have the best lighting, and perfect hair!

In The Studio

You’ll have perfect hair, and perfect lighting for your studio session, and with dozens of background and foreground combinations, no two studio sessions are ever the same.

The Studio is also where we shoot our Extreme Sports Composites, Fashion Strips, Concept Shoots, and RockStar images, and is our most popular location and the easiest to schedule!

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-If you like these studio pictures (or the idea of getting a poster made of you), please let us know!


Marina’s Mom Said:

My pictures are really well done, and they capture a lot of different sides and emotions. My session was fun and easy (and this is coming from someone who dreaded doing it in the first place).

“I want to thank you for making it easy for me. I don’t like being photographed, I didn’t want a headshot, and I didn’t want to look at pictures of myself.

But I love the posters we did with all my guitars, and I’m really glad I came.

Chris Eaton

North Yarmouth Academy

Chris Eaton



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You don’t have to go right away – stick around, look at the pictures. There’s a contact form below if you want to drop us a line, and when you’ve seen enough images to know Focus Photography is the place for your Senior Photo Shoot Experience, check out these other pages.

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Contact Us!

Hello, and congratulations on making it through High School!

This is Will and Lucia, and we’re the photographers at Focus Photography. We’re super excited that Senior Season is here, and we can’t wait to hear what you want to do for your 12th year pictures.

Call us at (207) 772 -4274, or fill out our contact form today to tell us how we can help.