Our Secret

to getting soft light on a sunny day…

…Instead of glaring images under hard sunlight.

Those two images were shot at the same location within minutes of each other to demonstrate the SoftLighter we created to let our wedding and portrait clients get the images they expect from Focus Photography, at a location without a tree to be found.

Don’t let bright sunlight ruin your wedding pictures like this!

“There are so many great wedding venues that don’t have a shade tree on their property! If your wedding pictures are going to be taken during the day, everyone in them will have squinty eyes and racoon shadows, and there’s just nothing I can do about it.”
Every Photographer In Maine That's Not Us

Okay, that’s not a real quote, but it is true that half of New England’s top wedding spots are on lawns, fields, or beaches where there’s no relief from the sun.

If you want a great view of the ocean, you can’t have a lot of trees blocking that view.

And we love photographing that view, we just don’t love seeing our clients squinting in their wedding pictures. That’s why we created the diffusion tool we’re calling the SoftLighter, and only Focus Photography has it!
If you’ve chosen a wedding venue with an unobstructed view and not a lot of shade, we have a solution to your sunshine problem: Pick Focus Photography to be your wedding photographers!
Here’s a pullback shot we took demonstrating our SoftLighter light-diffuser at a styled shoot (styled-shoot = fake wedding) at River Winds Farm. River Winds has an amazing back yard for your ceremony, but you’ll definitely want us to soften the sunlight for your pictures.

That’s our SoftLighter at work! We designed and created it so you’ll look better and feel more comfortable in your wedding pictures!

No one else cares as much as Focus Photography does about the quality of your wedding images!

Last fall we photographed a Bat Mitzvah for this family, and they really wanted to have their family portraits created outdoors at their synagogue, at high noon, and without a shade tree on the property.

We wanted to diffuse the sunlight shining on them, without completely shading them, so tents and umbrellas were out.  We looked at scrims available from photo suppliers, but they were only big enough for one person.

So we decided to create something just for our clients. We bought bolts of special diffusion fabrics and a sewing machine and got to work on the diffusion panel, and then created a custom ten foot frame we could assemble quickly, and take to any location with us.

And then we gave it a silly name so you’ll remember it. The SoftLighter.

Here’s two other images from that same day. The image of Emily on the left is shot under our softlighter, and the image on the right is shot without it.

Which do you prefer?

Here’s the bridal party from that styled shoot at River Winds Farm. Notice the beautiful, soft light from edge to edge, and how they don’t look like they’re going to catch on fire any minute.

Don’t Worry About Squinting Into The Sun At Your Wedding!

Choose Focus Photography, because we’ve already worried that, and we have a way to make harsh light soft and pretty!

The SoftLighter – designed by Focus Photography, and only available from Focus Photography.  An easy add-on to your wedding coverage to ensure you’ll get the best quality of light in your pictures.  Must be ordered at least three weeks before your wedding day to give us time to schedule a dedicated crew member for the SoftLighter.