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Senior pictures at the beach in maine!

Twilight at the Beach

One of my favorite reasons for shooting at the beach is the sky.

It’s ironic, you would think it would be the water, or the sand, or the rocky shore of Maine, but no – it’s the unobstructed sky.  And at the end of the day, the sky changes by the minute.

Some nights it’s vibrant pink, and others its dark blue, but at dusk, it’s my favorite background for the senior portraits we create at the beach.

Teaghan goes to Deering High School, and she followed our clothing requests perfectly. She had:

  • Jeans and a sweater (perfect for all seasons).
  • Something you feel pretty in (an off-the shoulder floral-print dress).
  • Something summery (a lilac linen blouse).
  • An outfit you’d wear to be noticed (grandma is not going to like the holy jeans and tank top, but every guy in school will remember it).

And then we say, if you want to bring a formal dress or two, we’ll shoot those if we have time.  And Teaghan had two great party dresses, and I got to photograph them both!

I wrote a clothing guide for girls – yours free if you want it.  Just drop me an email.

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