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We are really excited for you to see some of the highlights of our wedding day. It was such an amazing weekend, and such wonderful company. We want to continue to hear your stories and see your pictures from different points of view as well….so keep them all coming! Emily & Danny

We have been together for 6 years. We met in college at Bates. Emily and some friends went to a party at Danny’s apartment.”
Danny: “I was immediately struck by Emily’s beauty and spunk and went over to talk to her.”
Emily: “A few days later I texted him about how the Red Sox beat the Yankees. “
Danny: “I took that as an opportunity to keep the conversation going, we were texting back and forth. I was in the library and kept hearing a phone vibrate, I went looking around and found her. I convinced her to come watch a Red Sox game at my apartment later that week. The rest is history.”
Emily: “The Red Sox won that game too.”

Emily: my dress was a little more “va-va-voom” than I think most people expected from a girl who hates dresses and getting all done up, but it just felt right. It certainly doesn’t look this pretty anymore….I gave it a good workout on the dance floor! 

“We were not sure if we wanted to do a first glance or not. One of Emily’s favorite things at a wedding is seeing the groom’s face when he first sees the bride. After talking it through we decided that since we were doing the ketubah signing before the ceremony we would see each other anyway, and Danny felt strongly that he wanted to do the pictures beforehand so we could enjoy the cocktail hour with all of our guests. Plus, Emily still gets to see the groom’s face when he first sees the bride! We are so happy that we did it this way because once the ceremony was over, we just had a few family photos to do and then got to enjoy the cocktail hour with everyone! Plus, we got a private moment with just the 2 of us to see each other and talk before the craziness of the day started….it was pretty special. –Emily & Danny

Will and Lucia were fantastic, they made sure everyone was supposed to be where they needed to be and when. They wrangled all the guys, kept things moving, and made sure we were on time for the ceremony. They made it so that we did not have to worry about the timeline or where everyone was, making it so we could be relaxed and enjoy ourselves. They were fun, easy to work with, and we all got along very well! We were able to fully be at our wedding and know that all of the important moments were being captured — Emily and Danny

We chose the Colony because it was beautiful, accessible and fit the personalities of us, our friends and our families. The old New England feel that the Colony has was just what we were looking for. We were able to include everything in one place, have people mingle together, and enjoy every minute of the weekend with all of our favorite people! — Emily and Danny

We wanted to get married somewhere in Maine because it is where we met and was more of a neutral state for us. We looked for a place where we could have everyone together for the whole weekend, could do the bonfire on Friday and the brunch on Sunday, and we didn’t want people to have to worry about transportation and could just focus on having a good time! The Colony Hotel offered all of that…and more! Beautiful scenery, excellent food, great staff, an after party location, and so much more…it was clear this venue was for us. It gave us the old New England feel we were looking for! It turned out perfectly and everything we hoped for in the venue was there on the day of! — Emily and Danny


We know that most people traveled from afar to share this special day with us (even as far as France!), and we want you to know how much we appreciate you taking the trip and we hope it was as much fun for you as it was for us! We love all of you and we are so excited you were able to celebrate with us! — Emily and Danny

Cool wedding gallery, right? It helps that the Colony is regal and elegant. And it helps that fall gave Emily the colors she really wanted for her wedding. But Danny and Emily made this wedding special, and they made Lucia and I feel right at home working with them. So, Danny and Emily – you guys rock. Thank you for letting us photograph your wedding. Will and Lucia

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