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Let’s be honest – most guys aren’t shopping for a photographer who can make them look like a GQ model. Most guys just want to minimize the discomfort of being photographed, and ensure they don’t feel excessively awkward on their wedding day.

If you’re one of those guys, relax, it’s going to be fine. We’ve worked with hundreds of grooms who didn’t like being photographed, and we know how to make it easy.
We’re going to talk football and beer and which of your friends were out-of-control the night before. We’re going to show you what to do, how to stand or sit, and we’ll keep your mind from racing about the wedding. You’ll never feel soft, weak, awkward or foolish in front of your friends.

And then we’ll get you images where you WILL look like a GQ model, and your soon-to-be wife will love them and you won’t ever have to take another picture for her again. Maybe.

  • You’ll get dramatically lit images (with no smiling!) where you’ll look like a badass.
  • You’ll get detail images of your cufflinks, socks, pocket squares, ties, and suit, tux, or blazer.
  • You’ll get images taken in motion, so you’re not standing like a statue the whole time.
  • Your fiance will get images of you that she (or he) will treasure forever.