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Wow, this is a wedding I’ve been wanting to share.  Most of the time, I’ve met the bride and groom we work with several times before the wedding, but Sally and Scott live in Atlanta, and I first saw Scott on the altar (though our photographer Amanda was with him that morning).  We got into Belfast early, and found the salon where the girls were getting ready.  While Lucia called the bride to let her know we were on our way, and talk about the wedding, I sneaked into the salon and looked for someone talking on a cell phone.  This is Sally’s reaction when  she realized we were there:Sally Blog 01

Here’s a tight shot of the dress – almost a beautiful as the bride in it:Sally Blog 08Sally Blog 11Sally Blog 14

And this is Scott – he was just an inch or two taller than Sally.

Sally Blog 50

Here’s an awesome Amanda shot of the groom and his boys heading to the church:Sally Blog 17Sally Blog 16Sally Blog 19Sally Blog 22

I don’t know what those ring things are – a lot of churches have them – but I love this image of Sally shot through the ring.  If anyone knows what they’re called, would you please drop me a line or comment at the bottom?

The image below is an arrangement that Amanda did through a church window.

Sally Blog 24Sally Blog 26

Okay, the images below are at Belfast landing, and show off the beautiful harbor there.Sally Blog 28Sally Blog 29Sally Blog 34Sally Blog 35Sally Blog 38

As the day progressed, clouds rolled in, and with them a fog that obscured the Ducktrap’s view of the water.  Here’s the reception tent and grounds before the fog arrived:

Sally Blog 40Sally Blog 42Sally Blog 46

The bride and groom had their first dance just after being announced.  You see, Scott is an inch or two taller than Sally…Sally Blog 48Sally Blog 59Sally Blog 61

I always like to end showing it was a good party.  I think the image above sums it up.  Thanks for looking – Will.

Sally Blog 53

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