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Lucia and I were really excited to shoot our first Red Barn wedding – a beautiful new venue on the Links at Outlook Farm golf course.  The couple, Kate and Jay, had an incredible romantic shoot with us, and even climbed into a tree, so we knew we were going to have a lot of fun on the grounds of Outlook Farm.

And then, the weather warnings started.  Severe storm, with winds gusting over 80 miles an hour.


And Hurricane Noel splashed onto the Maine Coast on the morning of Kate and Jay’s wedding.  They say a little rain is good luck on a wedding day.  What do they say about a hurricane?

But you know what?  It didn’t stop the party.  Jeff Maldones (the Red Barn’s director) simply moved the ceremony indoors, umbrella’d guests in from their cars, and made certain that no one was thinking about the storm.  In the gallery below, you’ll see some portraits taken under the Red Barn’s overhang, during the middle of the worst storm of the year, and you’d never know it.  Jeff from the Music Man DJ service kept the dance floor filled, and the bartenders at the Red Barn kept the spirits flowing.  I hope you like the gallery – Will

will and lucia operate focus photographyA note from Lucia and William:  This was one of the first weddings at the Red Barn back when they opened n 2007. We’ve also worked there when there WASN’T a hurricane – you should check out this wedding to see some photos on the course!

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