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Couple’s Formal Portraits

Couple’s Formal Portraits

‘Formal’ Portraits

The Couples’ Pictures You Expect From A Wedding

The Bride and Groom

I’m so happy you came to see this page – when we say “formal portraits” people often run for the exits. We simply mean the images that everyone expects a wedding photographer to take. Side-by-side couples, level horizons, both bride and groom visible to the viewer.

Formal portraits are the first of six different types of couple’s portraits we shoot, and even if you prefer one of the other styles we show, the formals are still an important part of your wedding coverage.

You’ll get images that are full-length as well as half-torso; images that ar camera-aware (looking towards the viewer) and images where you’re lost in each others’ eyes.

    • You’ll get full-length images that show your dress and train.
    • You’ll get half-torso images that let your expressions be more visible.
    • You’ll get images where you’re camera-aware (looking back towards the viewer) as well as images where you’re lost in each others’ eyes.
    • Time-permitting, we’ll do these standing; seated; and even on the ground.

Featured Review

Devon Soloniewicz
Devon SoloniewiczNonantum Resort Wedding Bride Read More

“It was great working with Will and Lucia. Will had awesome energy and really helped relax me. And Lucia was amazing! She made sure I looked my best. She was the mastermind behind the schedule that day; God knows it was some feat attempting to keep this crew on time, but she did it!”

“I discovered Focus had done a friend’s wedding. I remembered how she had raved about her photographers and how beautiful her pictures were. Now that’s me raving about Focus Photography, and how beautiful my pictures are.”

“Don’t settle for other photographers – choose Will and Lucia for your wedding!”