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You and Your Family

You and Your Family

Your Parents' Proudest Day

Schedule A Few Moments With Your Family

Some weddings, in the rush for everyone to get ready, family can get….overlooked.  We understand – your dad will still be your dad the week after your wedding.

But there are some beautiful and emotional moments that might be missed if you don’t have a little time planned with just your family.   It could be the last time your father will think of you as ‘his’ little girl. The last time your mom helps you get ready for a special night.  

When we do your photo timeline at Focus Photography, we’re not going to short change the people who have loved you your whole life, and we’re not going to only take family pictures with you as a couple.

We’re going to create what will probably be the last pictures you ever take with your parents alone, and on the day they give you away. That’s emotional power for these family portraits!

    • You’ll get portraits of your immediate family, as well as just with your parents, just siblings, and with just your dad/mom.
    • You’ll get images of your family alongside you, in the limo, while getting dressed, etc.
    • We’ll create images that are for you, as well as for your parents.

Schedule a Zoom call with Focus Photography today to learn more!

Featured Review

Kaitlin and John Rustin
Kaitlin and John Rustin
The Landing at Pine Point Wedding Couple
Focus Photography was amazing at our wedding! We knew after our first meeting that these were the people for us. John loved joking around with Will, and Lucia kept everybody in check. All the pictures went by really smoothly.

Hiring Focus Photography for our wedding was the best decision we made. They worked with us to make a plan, and we had time for everything we wanted - a first look, pictures at the beach, all our family pictures done ahead of time, and even a scheduled stop at a pizza joint before heading to the church so the bridal party wasn’t starving!

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