Dawn and Andy's Wedding

Samoset Sign at Entrance
The sign as you drive up to the samoset
Wedding rings and Invitation


These macro shots of the wedding rings show off the beautiful designs

Groomsmen on the prowl
Groom and groomsmen at Samoset Resort wedding in Rockland, Maine
One of Andrew's Portraits
Wedding portrait of groom at Samoset Resort in Rockland, Maine. Wedding photographer Will of Focus Photography.
Dawn getting some help from the bridesmaids
Bride getting her dress bustled at Samoset Resort wedding.
Dawn and her sister
Bride and maid of honor at Samoset Resort wedding, Rockland, ME.
bridal portrait
Wedding portrait of bride at Samoset Resort, Rockland, Maine. Wedding photographers Will and Lucia of Focus Photography
Dawn holding her wedding bouquet
Bride's wedding portrait with lens blur at Samoset Resort.
Bridal Portrait at Samoset
Wedding photo of bride.
Wedding couple's pictures
Bride and groom at Samoset Resort, Rockland Maine
Bride and groom
Samoset wedding photo of Bride and groom.
Bride and groom with wedding rings at Samoset in Rockland, Maine.
complete wedding party
Wedding party at Samoset Resort in Rockland, Maine
the breakwater at Rockland
Rockland Breakwater as seen from Samoset Resort
The bride and her father walk down the aisle
Samoset Resort, Rockland, Maine.
Wedding ceremony under arbor at Samoset
Samoset Resort, Rockland, Maine.
Samoset Resort, Rockland, Maine. The first kiss at the wedding.
Samoset ballroom panorama
Samoset Resort, Rockland, Maine.