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The Inn on Peaks’ Island Wedding of Brian and Liz

Here's a gallery of our favorite images from one of the summer's most enjoyable weddings. If you've never been to Peaks' Island, it's hard to imagine that just taking a fifteen-minute ferry-ride could put Portland and the rest of Maine so far out of mind, but every time I step onto the dock at Peaks, I feel as relaxed and content as though I were on vacation on the vineyard.


Samoset Wedding of Samantha and Justin

On a perfect Sunday during Labor Day weekend, Samantha Goyette married Justin Lerman, at the Samoset Resort in Rockport. As photographers, we had an amazing abundance of photographic opportunities that you'll see in the slideshow. The bride and groom saw each other at a first glance ceremony. They signed their Ketubah to seal their covenant with God. Their son Grady was pulled in a wagon up the aisle. And then, they got married overlooking the ocean.

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