The Guys Brothers by Blood, or brothers by choice The Men Who Stand With You When a groom selects the men he wants to stand with at his wedding, he’s choosing his brothers. They might be brothers by blood, or by shared experience, but they’re the guys he’d go to war with (sometimes literally), the … Read more

The Groom

Portraits of the Groom We’ll make your leading man look the part, and he’ll be comfortable, too! You’ll Get Great Images of the Man You’re Marrying! Let’s be honest – most guys aren’t shopping for a photographer who can make them look like a GQ model. Most guys just want to minimize the discomfort of … Read more


The Wentworth by the Sea | New Castle, NH

Bridesmaids “Why Can’t You Be Happy For Me, And Then Go Home And Talk About Me Behind My Back Like A Normal Person?” By the way, I know you got the reference, but that’s my favorite quote from the movie Bridesmaids.   The most important women in your life We’ll never forget that your wedding party … Read more

Bride’s Details

Wedding Sandals!

The Bride’s Details From the Something Borrowed, to the Something Blue, all the details surrounding you! All Your Choices – Immortalized! With all of the time you’ll spend choosing the dress, shoes, and jewelry that you’ll wear on your wedding day, we feel it’s our responsibility to celebrate them! We’ll create compositions of your gown … Read more

Bridal Portraits

maine and new england wedding's brides

Bridal Portraits No Wedding story is complete without showcasing the bride on her day! You’ll Get Dozens Of Unique Bridal Portraits! You’ll never be one of those brides who wonders if their photographer took any pictures where they looked good in them, or that showed the dress well. We’ll create Fashion, Formal, Flirty, And Fun photos … Read more

Pre-Ceremony Prep

Pre-Ceremony Preperations Pretty Robes and Getting Ready The Wedding Pictures Start Long Before The Wedding. The perfect story of your wedding day begins before your dress or suit is on. We know that the girls (and guys) who are getting ready with you are your closest friends and family, and the timeframe that we call … Read more