Couple’s Close-Ups

Close Up Portraits Focused On The Connection The Opposite of Scenics Close-Ups often only show part of the bride and groom’s heads, but often show all of their connection to each other. They can be both romantic and modern, and are also great for people less thrilled with their body’s shape. You’ll get images that … Read more

Couple’s Unconventional Portraits

Unconventional Couple’s Portraits Expect the Unexpected Now for something completely different… When we introduced our first style of couple’s portraits, Formals, we said those were the images people expected of the bride and groom at a wedding.  These aren’t. Our non-formal portraits are some of our couples’ favorite images.  Here are the five things that … Read more

Couple’s Formal Portraits

‘Formal’ Portraits The Couples’ Pictures You Expect From A Wedding The Bride and Groom I’m so happy you came to see this page – when we say “formal portraits” people often run for the exits. We simply mean the images that everyone expects a wedding photographer to take. Side-by-side couples, level horizons, both bride and … Read more