Friends and Family

Large Group Shots Work buddies, sorority sisters, and the Alma Mater You’ll Get Dozens Of Unique Bridal Portraits! Just because they’re not part of the family formals, that doesn’t mean you don’t want images with your sorority sisters, work buddies, or entire wedding guest list.  We’re happy to photograph the people that make your wedding … Read more

Family Portraits As A Couple

Couple’s Family Portraits Everyone wants a picture with the bride and groom! Couple’s Portraits with the Families! We’re not going to short-change the people you’ve loved your whole life! But…we’re not going to take every one of a thousand combinations of family groupings either. You’ve got a party to get to. What we will do … Read more

You and Your Family

You and Your Family Your Parents’ Proudest Day Schedule A Few Moments With Your Family Some weddings, in the rush for everyone to get ready, family can get….overlooked.  We understand – your dad will still be your dad the week after your wedding. But there are some beautiful and emotional moments that might be missed … Read more

The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, and the whole crew together! Your Closest Friends and Family Members! At Focus Photography, we know that your wedding party is made up of your closest friends and family members – they people you’ve chosen to stand with you at the alter. You’ll get images with each side of the … Read more


The Guys Brothers by Blood, or brothers by choice The Men Who Stand With You When a groom selects the men he wants to stand with at his wedding, he’s choosing his brothers. They might be brothers by blood, or by shared experience, but they’re the guys he’d go to war with (sometimes literally), the … Read more


The Wentworth by the Sea | New Castle, NH

Bridesmaids “Why Can’t You Be Happy For Me, And Then Go Home And Talk About Me Behind My Back Like A Normal Person?” By the way, I know you got the reference, but that’s my favorite quote from the movie Bridesmaids.   The most important women in your life We’ll never forget that your wedding party … Read more