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Union Bluff Wedding Photographers

The Union Bluff Meeting House has one of the best beach-side ceremony sites in York, Maine, and is a very popular wedding venue. It has high ceilings and elegant decor, and is right on Short Sands Beach.

We love working at:
Union Bluff Meeting House
  • 4 Beach Street, York Maine

Focus Photography is just two people - Will and Lucia - and we get booked pretty early in the wedding cycle because we don't have a stable of 'associates' we send out. So shoot us a date in the form below, and we can let you know right away if we're still available for your date.

One more thing - we're married ourselves (to each other, in case that wasn't clear), so either one of us could be replying to your inquiry. Anyway, put your date into the form below, and we'll let you know if it's even a possibility.

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