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We help camera-shy couples create fun, romantic, and artistic wedding images without awkwardneess or discomfort. At Focus Photography, we guarantee that you'll love the way you look in your wedding pictures!


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We'll give you images that capture the intimate and connected side of your relationship, as well as images that show that no one else makes you laugh the way you do together.

"Contemporary, Artistic, Fun, Sexy, Romantic, Scenic, Intimate! You get it all when you hire Focus Photography." - Karen Sperling

At Focus Photography, we specialize in photographing relationships, but we tell your wedding story in dozens of ways - from the excitement and anticipation at the beginning of the day, the elation and perfectness at the end of the night when you realize your day was just perfect.

As you scroll through this page, you'll see couples closely connected; in scenic vistas; celebrating with their friends; laughing and having fun; caught at the perfect moment; and posed and lit dramatically.

This is what we do at weddings, and what we can do for you. Don't worry if you're not the most romantic couple in the world - when you work with Focus Photography, you'll get images that capture that feeling. Don't naturally laugh, or tear up while hanging around your family? You will, and you'll forever cherish the feeling of being connected with your parents on your wedding day.


Hi there - I'm Will, and my wife Lucia and I photograph most of the weddings our company Focus Photography does. We've been working weddings together since the late '90s, when we set out to develop our own style in Southern California.

We love being back in New England now, but while we were there we had the ability to photograph weddings almost every weekend, while I shot actors and models during the week. I feel so very fortunate, as I know few photographers will ever get the opportunities to learn and develop that I was able to get during the years we lived in the Los Angeles area. And this experience working in both fashion and weddings has given our work a contemporary look, as well as the ability to flatter our subjects photographically.

Lucia and I would like to invite you to learn a little more about what we do at weddings, and we hope you'll enjoy the galleries and albums we've collected here.*Will and Lucia

* All of the images on this site are from actual clients we've photographed, and none of these images are from model shoots, group workshops, or any of the other ways disingenuous people artificially inflate their portfolios. All images © Focus Photography 1999-2014, but to stay current, most are from 2013. Please don't use our images commercially without our permission, but you're welcome to pin them or share them on social sites if you'll please just say 'image courtesy of'.


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You'll love the way you look in your wedding pictures because we know how to light, pose, and direct people of every age and body type to emphasize their assets, and minimize what they don't like. You'll never hesitate to show people your wedding album or gallery!

"Focus Photography was great. We really enjoyed their enthusiasm and efforts to make sure everything went smoothly. Will and Lucia are full of laughter, excitement, enthusiasm, and passion - everything you want in the people around you on your wedding day. And the pictures they take are so beautiful! For once I actually like looking at pictures of myself!"

Allison and John's Album

"Our album captures the feelings and memories of the day. Our wedding went by so fast - this helps us relive all the little details."

"We got a great variety of formal, fun, and candid pictures. Will and Lucia burned a lot of energy making sure they ran around to capture everything - we loved their enthusiasm. Everyone who sees our wedding pictures just says 'Wow'." Allison & John Sjolund

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Our grooms are always shown strong, solid, and masculine so he'll get portraits he won’t mind seeing on his wife's dresser.

A few reasons you should choose Focus Photography for your wedding:

We're experienced professionals: We've been in business for over a dozen years, and have photographed hundreds of weddings. You won't have to worry that we'll be unprepared to handle anything that happens on your wedding day.

We guarantee what we do: We offer a money-back, keep-the-negatives guarantee because we know you're investing a lot of money in your wedding, and you deserve a guarantee for your investment. No other studio in New England dares to stand behind their work this way.

We're a husband and wife team: You'll get two photographers who have different shooting styles from each other when you work with Focus Photography. But because we've done this together for over a decade, we work together seamlessly as a team.

You'll get two different approaches, but the same great experience.

You'll never feel awkward wondering what to do: We know you've seen other photographers who just photograph what they see, and you're expected to get your groups together in a pleasing fashion. That's not us.

When you need direction, we become ringleaders, getting everyone where they need to be quickly. And when that's done, we go back to our discrete and stealthy mode.

Lucia worries: Lucia frets over every detail of a wedding, and carries a clipboard along with her camera to ensure that everything that matters to you, is taken care of by us.

Will plays: Because Lucia is handling the details and the time-lines, Will is free to be as creative and carefree as he wants. You'll get fabulous images and still be on-time to your reception!

Our images look different because our vision of life is different: We love it when people recognize one of our images just by the color of the sky, the dynamic lighting, or the emotion in an image.

We capture images like this because this is how we see the world - bright and vibrant and happy, filled with love, the support of family, good times with friends, and the promise that the future is even better than today. You'll get those feelings every time you see our images of your wedding around your home.

Weddings are about the best themes life has to offer: gratitude and respect; success and prosperity; love and connection; the joining of different clans; a new start together; and the celebration of commitment. These are grand motifs - they deserve a grand vision.

Call or email us today, so you can feel the magnificence of your wedding day, every day.

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  5. colony hotel wedding couple on ceremony lawn in kennebunkport, Maine
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We'll create images that showcase the beauty of your wedding location so you'll always remember what a great place you selected to bring your family and friends to.

"Focus Photography was amazing at our wedding! We knew after our first meeting that these were the people for us. John loved joking around with Will and Lucia kept everyone in check. All the pictures went by really smoothly, and After the ceremony, John and I got more pictures of just the two of us at the beach. I really had my heart set on getting ocean pictures."

John and Kaitlin's Album

"All of our personalities just clicked. John and I like to joke around and be funny and spontaneous and that fit Will perfectly. None of us would have gotten anything accomplished though if it wasn't for Lucia. Everyone told us how amazing it was to have you guys there as our photographers and how excited they were to see the photos! " Kaitlin and John Rustin

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Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, and the Wedding Party

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  2. wedding photography of groomsmen and pool table before castleton wedding in new hampshire
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  4. bride and bridesmaids at samoset wedding rockland maine photography from above
  5. groom and men at samoset resort wedding rockport, maine  photography from below
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We know these are your closest friends and family members, so we're going to take great care of them and treat them like our friends and family. You'll get to feel their support and closeness every time you look through your wedding images.

Even More Reasons Why You Should Choose Focus Photography!

You'll look great in your images! They say the camera adds twenty pounds, but we know it's poor lighting, bad-posing, and wrong camera angles that create images you won't like! Our fashion background gave us the lighting, posing, and shooting experience so that you'll look your best in every photograph!

We have an in-house design team: Lucia and Alison (our award-winning album designers) create all of our album layouts at our studio, so you can have as much input into your wedding album as you want - and you'll never be one of those couples with their images on a disk in the drawer because you just don't know what to do with them.

We're award-winning photographers: We're thrilled that Will has been selected by his peers to their Photography Court of Honor, and that he's received Kodak's prestigious Gallery Award three times for his images! And not to brag, but we had the highest scoring wedding album in the Maine Professional Photographers' Association 4 years in a row!

We're a full-time, full-service wedding studio: Come by our showroom to see the quality of the albums, prints, cards, jewelry, and gift items we produce! And a year after your wedding you'll still know where to find us - we're not working out of a coffee shop.

We have a system for getting great image variety: National averages for weddings show that most couples are lucky if that get 4-6 unique images together on their wedding day. Our goal for your wedding is to create 40-60 unique images for you in a short span of time, and to do that we've developed a system for creative photography that works at every wedding.

You'll choose between dozens of terrific images for every category (couples, bride, groom, wedding party), and not have to settle for the few that other photographers take.

Every wedding couple we work with gets membership in our Clients for Life club, and receives a complimentary photo-shoot and portrait every year.

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  2. brother tightening corset style dress on bride before wedding
  3. bride in limo talking with dad at wentworth by the sea wedding in new castle new hampshire
  4. bride hugs groom at inn on peaks island wedding in portland maine
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You’re going to get the deep emotional connection to images that come not from being planned, but happen suddenly and spontaneously, because we’re never going to miss the important moments of your day.

"Will and Lucia were great. There were so many emotions going through us that day it was hard to stay focused on taking "good pictures", but Will and Lucia definitely keep things moving. While Lucia made sure we got everything we wanted, Will really lightens the mood and helps you enjoy the day all while taking BEAUTIFUL pictures. They went above and beyond what most photographers will do and were a pleasure to work with."

"We did do a romantic shoot before the wedding, though we were not really for it at first, it  just didn't feel like us. But Will and Lucia did a good job balancing all the different types of pictures, so we got a feel for what we liked. We ended up liking a lot of them and were happy even with the ones that we did not think we would like, like the steamy ones."

Jen and Anthony's Album

"I did my research around New England when we chose Focus Photography. Anthony and I didn't want to pay a fortune, but we also wanted to get good quality pictures that we would be happy with for the rest of our lives. I am a graphic/web designer, so I have an eye for detail. If one thing is off I will notice it, so it was pretty hard finding a photographer that I really liked. My mom sent me the link to their website, because a girl she worked with (my best friends cousin) used them for their wedding and loved them. I looked through their website pictures and blog and fell in love. The angles they use, the quality of the pictures, the landscapes, the balance, clarity everything was just right. When we met them, we were definitely sure. They were great to work with, and we would recommend them completely. " Jen and Anthony Albano

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  2. wedding photography of bride and father walking down aisle at portland maine catholic church cathedral of immaculate conception
  3. colony hotel wedding ceremony photography in kennebunkport, maine with fall colors
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  5. wentworth by the sea wedding ceremony photography in new hampshire
  6. portsmouth, new hampshire wedding ceremony photography at great island commons in new castle. Jewish wedding under chuppah.

The commitment of a couple to each other (and often their commitment to God) is a sincere and respectful time, and we'll give you images that will help you remember the strength of your convictions.

"Will and Lucia of Focus Photography were outstanding! ...They made the photo taking fun instead of tedious and the time really flew by." - Erin and Trevor Watt

"They were a joy and very easy to work with. We had a ton of fun during our 'photo shoot' (as this is what it felt like!) I had a great time with lots of laughs and smiles taking pictures with my groom, my bridesmaids, our bridal party, our parents, and our siblings."

"Will and Lucia were extremely organized and efficient at moving people in and out and around in photos. My mother-in-law was impressed by how organized and fast the family photos went. My father-in-law stated 'The photographers were incredible.' Another comment I remember was 'They were everywhere.' "

"I chose Focus Photography after seeing stunning images online and then browsing their website and blog. I loved how connected they were with the couples, and their wedding photography was just amazing! I knew I wanted them to be my wedding photographers!"

"I was happy that Trevor and I as well as each member of the wedding party were given specific directions on how to position themselves (sit/stand/look up/smile/not smile/hand here, etc.) as this was very, very helpful and makes all the difference in the images. I also love how Focus Photography doesn't just use traditional photography where everyone is just lined up. Lots of creative and artistic images were taken of Trevor and I as well as the wedding party, and I can't wait for our album! "Erin (and Trevor) Watt

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The Celebration!

  1. bride plays guitar during wedding reception at summit of sunday river in newry, maine.  With wedding band the Time Pilots
  2. bride and groom laughing at photogrpher at wentworth by the sea wedding in new castle, new hampshire
  3. wedding celebration at landing at pine point in scarborough, maine
  4. groom carried on chair at Samoset resort wedding in rockland, maine
  5. car decorated at end of dunegrass wedding in old orchard beach maine
  6. bride celebrates at church after ceremony before italian heritage center wedding

We’re going to time it perfectly to be there when you burst into laughter because we’ll always be ready, so you’ll get the satisfaction of remembering how much everyone (including you) enjoyed the party you threw.

"Sure, our wedding images from Focus Photography are AMAZING. But the best thing about Will and Lucia at Focus? It's Will and Lucia. They're personalities are contagious - they're both so FUN! All my buddies have gotten married, and I've never seen people in a wedding party enjoy the pictures, but with Focus around - the pictures were a great part of the day!"

"I wish you were closer to New Jersey so you could work at every wedding we go to. Will and Lucia and your whole team, thank you so much!"Ryan Weiner

"Our pictures are just gorgeous - I love everything about them.  Will and Lucia took two camera shy people and really made them look their best.  They were far and above my expectations - I couldn't have asked for anything more."

"The images really captured the entire event - the little things, details, moments that weren't your standard poses.  They're more like pieces of art then photos you put in a book and forget about." 

"I am so thankful that we found Focus Photography.  Our pictures are gorgeous, everyone who sees them loves them as much as we do.  You were the best decision we made for our wedding.!" - Barbara Powers-Goodman

"Working with Focus Photography was so much fun! Mike and I are pretty shy in front of the camera and so it was great that Will and Lucia have zany open personalities and made us laugh. Communication was flawless and they were very open to do anything we wanted!"

"We did a first glance, and so were able to do most of our pictures before the wedding.  Will and Lucia made sure we got all the important shots we will cherish years from now. Before I tapped Mike on the shoulder for our first glance I took a deep breath and he turned around slowly. He was speechless!"  - Lauren Bomhoff

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The Details

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  2. wedding bands with macro photography at york wedding
  3. matching argyle socks at castleton wedding in windham new hampshire
  4. wentworth by the sea wedding placecards by Mainely  New Hampshire's Deborah
  5. wedding couple kiss in front of ketubah at wentworth by sea wedding in new castle new hampshire
  6. cake cutting at wentworth by sea in new hampshire.  Cake by Jaques' pastries in Bedford

We'll showcase your personal style by creating images that highlight all the special touches you'll add to your wedding. You'll get to keep the feeling of pride and accomplishment every time you look through the art we'll create from all of your choices.

We're eager to hear more about your wedding!

Really, you made it all the way to the bottom of the page and you haven't called us yet??? Call us, or click the button for our contact form and let us know you want to talk more about weddings! You're going to love the way we approach weddings at Focus Photography, because everything we do is designed to make your life and choices easier. Call us to get started today!

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