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No Regrets – Just The Best Day Ever

And You’ll Get To Revisit it, Forever!

Wedding photography for fun couples in Boston, NH, and Maine

Photo Timeline

We’ll plan your day so everyone knows when they’re needed and nothing gets

Feel More Love

Your wedding pictures will connect you more with both your spouse and your family!

Luxury Albums

Your custom-designed album will be wrapped in the supplest of leathers and finest of fabrics.

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Here’s How You Can Get Wedding Images You’ll Love!

Step 1

Schedule a Zoom Call

Click this link to schedule a time to tell us more about your wedding, and what’s important to you.  You can ask us questions, and we can give you an overview of a possible photography timeline.

Step 2

The Romantic Shoot!

One of the ways we can guarantee you’ll love your wedding images is our Romantic Shoot, where we’ll show you all the ways we could photograph you on your wedding day.

Step 3

The Wedding Day!

You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your whole day, knowing that the timeline we plan together will ensure nothing is missed, and that you’re going to love all the images we take of you.

Step 4

Relive Your Day!

Jump back into the best day ever by sharing pictures of your friends & family, your dress, your hair, your details and your love.

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Danny and I didn’t want to miss One second of our party!

“Will and Lucia made a timeline for us that gave us everything we wanted, told us where everyone should be, and when all the pictures would be done.  All our pictures were done before the ceremony!”

“We didn’t have to worry that we’d be late for anything,  that we’d run out of time, or that we wouldn’t get the images we wanted.  We were able to fully be at our wedding without any worries, and they took care of everything!” 

Emily Crawford

Colony hotel Wedding

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Don’t Stress – We’ve Got A Plan!

It Sounds So Simple. You get married surrounded by people you love, and then you have a party.

But then we add to it. We’ll have a pre-party with our closest friends, wear special robes or pjs, and spend hours being pampered.

Then we’ve got gifts to open for everyone, plus a special card for our spouse to be. And we need pictures of all that.

And then we want to go to the beach. And we have a really big family. And then, and then, and then.

It’s okay, we’re going to help organize and streamline it all. You’ll know when and where every pictures is happening, and you won’t have to freak out.

We’ll worry for you, so you won’t have to.

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There’s so much pressure on couples to Find The Right Photographer!

Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun, but when you hear about other couples who have chaotic events, or who are devastated after they get their wedding pictures, it’s easy to feel anxious.

  • Don’t want to miss the most expensive party you’ll ever throw?
  • Are you worried about feeling comfortable around your photographers?
  • Wouldn’t you be crushed if you couldn’t relive your wedding day because you didn’t want to look at your pictures?
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wedding couple at crane estate ipswich massachusetts

We wanted photographers who would appreciate our unique personalities.

“We chose Focus Photography because they are just as loud, corny, and fun-loving as we are.” 

“When we met with Will and Lucia, you could tell that they were more interested in us, and what would make our wedding perfect, than in boasting about themselves. We could be ourselves around them, and we were never felt uncomfortable or judged.”

Alison and John Sjolund

Crane Estate Wedding

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Many couples worry about how they’ll feel being photographed and how they’ll look in their wedding pictures.

Will they be comfortable around their photographers?

They worry they aren’t naturally romantic, and they wonder how they’ll look in couples’ portraits.

They worry about their age; their weight; their height.

And they worry they’ll feel awkward on a day they’d really like to feel confident and empowered.

We Have A Solution!

We can help with that, remove the anxiousness, and give you peace of mind knowing you’re going to love your pictures.

Here’s how. We call it our Romantic Shoot, and it’s like an engagement session on steroids.

We’ll work together long before the wedding, so you’ll see your favorite ways to be photographed, and we’ll learn how to keep you laughing and having fun.

As a result, you’ll get wedding pictures that truly represent you as a couple, you won’t worry beforehand, and you’ll love your photography experience and pictures.

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Not gonna lie, We were a little skeptical about the romantic shoot!

“When Will and Lucia told Tim and I we needed to do a photo shoot months before the wedding, we were less than thrilled.”

“We aren’t very photogenic, we were nervous about it being awkward, and we thought it might be kinda cheesy. Will and Lucia assured us that this was very important to do, because it  would allow us to get more comfortable being in front of a camera, and reveal our favorite images so they’d shoot those at the wedding.”

By the end of the shoot, Tim and I really loosened up and started having fun with it, and I was so glad we got the awkwardness out of our system before the wedding day photos!  Because of the romantic session, we knew what to expect on the wedding day and it instilled us with total confidence.”

Ashley and Tim Estes

Sheraton Portsmouth Wedding

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wedding couple melanie ben bride and groom in golf cart

For us, the photographs were the most important part of our wedding!

“We not only wanted top quality photos, but photographers we could trust.”

“We could not have been happier to work with Will and Lucia at Focus Photography.  I knew that with the two of them on our side, our photographs would be stunning, and they are!”

Melanie and Ben Thurston

Dunegrass Wedding

Bride and groom dancing in the moonlight at the Samoset Resort wedding in Maine photographed by Focus Photography

When we started Focus photography, we knew a lot of photographers who were burnt out, and who treated shooting a wedding like it was just another workday.

We made a commitment that we wouldn’t work that way, and to put some pressure on ourselves, we created a money back guarantee for our clients. We’ve got some skin in the game too.

No other wedding studio in New England stands behind their work the way we do at Focus Photography!

We Guarantee You’ll Love The Way You Look In Your Wedding Pictures!

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Focus Photography was everything we could have asked for and more!

“Will and Lucia are both so much fun and really know what they are doing! It was great to work with people who not only love their jobs so much, but really care about getting their clients the best images possible.”

“From the romantic session to the wedding we were overwhelmed by the incredible photos that they took. We had so many guests who continue to tell us our photos should be in magazines!”

“It’s been a few months since the wedding and I still can’t stop looking at the pictures. We will cherish our wedding pictures forever. Thank you Focus Photography for being so awesome, we LOVED working with you guys!” 

Meagan and Corey Rousseau

Wentworth by the sea Wedding

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We’re Will and Lucia – the photographers here at Focus Photography, and a married couple ourselves!!

When Lucia and I started shooting weddings together almost 15 years ago, we vowed to treat our clients the way we wished we had been treated at our own wedding. 

We had wanted the luxury of customizing things the way we wanted them; a plan so that things didn’t become chaotic; higher end albums than the photo-books we could make ourselves; and after a limo broke down during our ceremony, we wished we had a money-back guarantee from all our vendors.

We didn’t get those things, but you will. Those regrets we had became the foundations of our business.

  • Your Wedding, Your Way
  • A Photographic Timeline So Your Day Runs Smoothly!
  • Luxury albums and beautiful prints you’ll be proud to display.
  • A money-back guarantee that you’ll love your images.

No other photography studio in New England will make these promises, and we’d be thrilled to answer any questions regarding them when we chat about your wedding.

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Give Yourself This Gift

Wedding photography is a gift you give yourself.

Everything else at a wedding, you do that for your guests and their experience.  The band, the cake, the food, the venue, that’s all for them.

But your pictures and your wedding album, those are for you.  The images offer a reminder of how much you’re loved, a record of how much effort you put into making your day special, and proof that your wedding rocked!

And your album will be a time machine that will always bring you back to your best day ever. With all the effort you’re putting into planning an amazing event, you deserve epic photography.

Let’s chat about your wedding, and how you can relive it forever.

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Will and Lucia were worth every single penny!!!

“From our romantic shoot to our wedding date they made everything a blast and had everyone laughing along! Lucia and Will were incredibly organized and had the day planned to the minute.”

“On top of being so much fun to work with they took AMAZING photos, and out of the thousand images they provided to us I don’t think there is a single one I don’t like.

Rachel and Cory Hall

Wentworth by the sea Wedding