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Wentworth by the Sea Wedding Photographers

Here are some of our favorite images and galleries from the historic Wentworth by the Sea hotel in New Castle, New Hampshire.

If you follow Focus Photography at all, you know the Wentworth is one of our favorite places to work.   Not just because of the beautiful gardens and excellent service the Wentworth provides, but also because we love the clients who choose to have their weddings here.  

When you read the blog posts below, you’ll see that the couples we work with at the Wentworth wanted an elegant setting, but still wanted to throw a raging party for their reception.  Their weddings are formal, but not stuffy.  The setting is classic, but the receptions are usually very contemporary.

These clients chose Focus Photography because we can create the formal family portraits their families want, without a stodgy vibe.  We run on a timeline to get things done, but we can still be spontaneous.  And once the ceremonial part of the day is over, we’re ready to be in the middle of the party.

Here’s some of our favorite images from the Wentworth, or you can skip down to recent wedding posts from the Wentworth.


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We love working at:
The Wentworth By The Sea Hotel
  • 588 Wentworth Road, New Castle NH

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