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Before our wedding, everyone told us that the day goes by so quickly. We thought yeah, sure, but had no idea how true that was. Our day was absolutely amazing – aside from the excitement of actually getting married, one of the best parts was being able to look in any direction and see someone awesome. It was incredible having our family and friends, from so many different times and places, all together in one room to celebrate! It really did fly by, though, and we are so happy to have the opportunity to take a moment to share some highlights from our big day! — Julie & Eric


Eric and I have been together since our senior year of college, the end of 2007. We actually met during the first class of our first year – we both noticed each other right away. The next years were a whirlwind; first we became friends, then good friends, then finally the stars aligned! -Julie


At first we weren’t sure if we were going to do a first glance but in retrospect we’re really glad we did. The entire wedding day was very hectic and we had a lot of people pulling us in different directions. The first glance was great because it was a private moment between just us. It was very exciting standing there waiting for her to walk up behind me and when I turned it was just a great moment between the two of us that we’re really glad we had the opportunity to share. -Eric


We had no idea how few photos of us existed until we started planning a wedding. I was actually pretty nervous about all those pictures; usually, I’d rather be taking pictures than in them. We were initially a little reluctant about doing a romantic session before the wedding, but are SO GLAD that we did. Will and Lucia put us at ease, helped us figure out what kind of pictures we wanted, and taught us some good tips and tricks – although Eric didn’t need them, apparently he’s a natural! Then, we were able to actually enjoy getting our pictures taken at the wedding. — Julie

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My maid of honor Bridgit is my cousin, but since neither of us have sisters (and our moms are very close sisters), we have always been closer than your average cousins. We’ve been through all sorts of adventures together, and she was an amazing maid of honor.  I had some fabulous, brilliant, gorgeous bridesmaids. Vanessa and Alicia are my cousins, and Keara and Alexa are friends from college and beyond. —Julie


My two best men were my older brother Matt and my younger brother Danny. The choice was easy, and it was great to have both of them standing up there with me. My other three groomsmen were awesome. James, Alex and I grew up together and have been friends since we were kids and it was great to have my new brother in law Greg standing up there with me.  — Eric


Julie’s parents, Maryanne and Scott, are wonderful. We were planning the wedding from afar, and they were always a step ahead – scouting out locations, meeting people, collecting flower vases, and figuring out how to somehow get a microphone to work in an open field with no power outlets in sight. Julie had both of her parents walk her down the aisle, which was really special and important to her. –Eric


Eric’s parents, Lili and Mike, ended up knowing the city of Portsmouth better than anyone else involved despite living hundreds of miles away. They did an incredible job making sure that all of the out-of-towners had places to stay and things to do for the entire weekend. They both helped to make the day incredibly special – between Lili’s wedding favors and Mike’s beautiful pictures, we couldn’t have done it without them. –Julie


We did a ketubah signing before the ceremony, and I don’t think either of us had any idea how meaningful or emotional it would be. It was nice to have a quiet moment before making vows in front of everyone to slow down, listen to advice and kind words from our parents, and remember what getting married is all about. –Julie & Eric


We had our ceremony at the Great Island Common. It was a beautiful setting right on the ocean, surrounded by lighthouses. We lucked out – the weather was absolutely perfect, and there just happened to be a sailboat regatta that day. Our friend Dave played the guitar, and Julie’s dad built a birch chuppah. It was amazing. –Eric


It was great to walk down first with my parents because I got to see everyone else coming down the aisle. I really wasn’t nervous at all. We had done a first look so I had already gotten a glimpse of how beautiful Julie looked. Once she began walking though I started to get emotional and had to take a few deep breaths to calm myself. -Eric


I wasn’t nervous for a second walking down the aisle. Walking next to my parents, through a crowd of some of my favorite people, with the most wonderful guy in the world waiting for me at the end of the aisle was just the best thing ever. I know my parents think the world of Eric, too, so we were all just so happy and excited!span -Julie</>


Jason, our good friend from college, performed the ceremony. It was great to have someone who knew us well and who has seen our relationship develop over the years perform the ceremony. It was very personal for both of us and he did a fantastic job. span–Julie & Eric</>


Lobster tail. Enough said. – Julie & Eric


Aside from walking in for the first time as husband and wife (of course!), it was really special when Julie got up on stage with her brother and cousin to sing a song that her grandfather wrote. We wish he and Eric’s grandparents could have been there with us, but they were all definitely there in spirit to bring us beautiful weather and a perfect day.  –Eric & Julie


Focus was just fabulous. The perfect balance of professional and fun – all those pictures could get tiring, but Will & Lucia kept everyone smiling, laughing, and looking great. –Eric & Julie



p class=”quote-block”>We had the wedding of our dreams, and it was a blast to spend the weekend with our family and friends. It is wonderful to be married and we’re looking forward to many more good times ahead. – Julie & Eric

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