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newborn baby photography of 7 day old Caroline.  Professional baby photographers in Portland, Maine Focus Photography

From newborn babies, to walking toddlers, baby's first year is full of growth and changes. Ask us how we can help you be the parents who won't forget the miracles of babyhood.

"The Most Sensitive, Artistic, and Creative Baby Photography in New England" - Kara Russell

"If you can see the difference between a snapshot and a work of art, you've got to go to Focus Photography!"

"We love our album of Mackenzie's first year!" - Sara Wright

"Will and Lucia are really personable and have tons of experience. They made us feel welcome and appreciated - and then they took amazing images of our newborn son!" - Malorie and Sean Rooney

Baby Photography With Family Connections

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  2. artistic baby portrait photography feet wedding rings
  3. baby and mother portrait photography maine
  4. newborn baby dad's arm artistic portrait
  5. baby picture with mother portland maine
  6. baby in dad's hands

The artistic black and white images from our connections sessions remove the distraction of color and backgrounds so you can better feel your close bond with your baby.

A few of the reasons you should come to Focus Photography

We're lighting experts: At Focus Photography we use the most flattering lights for babies' skin, and know when to light more dramatically, and when to light more softly.

We have a tranquil, baby-friendly studio: You'll never wait in line with other families, and you won't be on display in the middle of a crowd. And you don't need to turn your own house into a photo set - we've got everything in place already.

We have an in-studio digital artist: Every image that leaves our studio is expertly rendered and retouched to perfection. While baby acne and rosacea are real, we don't think they should be part of your baby's portraits. And if you haven't been getting enough sleep, don't worry. We'll make sure you look great.

We're Focused on your Connection: Sure, we love the images of sleeping babies, and we love to capture all their little expressions, tiny feet, and huge eyes, but the images we're most passionate about creating are those that show how much baby needs you. Sometimes you'll just be the background, but you'll always be able to relive the days when your baby just yearned for your touch.

We're award-winning photographers and designers: They say that talent, creativity, and experience are what separates a work by Henri Matisse from that of a child in art class. Even when he was just cutting paper with scissors, Matisse created work that other artists admired.

We're thrilled that our lead photographer William von Wenzel has been selected by his peers to their Photography Court of Honor, and that he's received Kodak's prestigious Gallery Award three times!

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High Key Baby Pictures

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  2. baby sleeping on side photography studio maine
  3. smiling baby pictures
  4. sleeping baby photo at newborn studio maine
  5. first birthday picture of baby and cake
  6. happy baby photo from maine photography studio

Our High Key images are light and angelic, and will always remind you of this innocent age.

"The real secret to why the babies in the Focus Photography galleries look so angelic is that Will and Lucia are Baby Whisperers!" - Maria Romero

"The day after Sophie was born, a photographer from the hospital came to our room to photograph her. As soon as we saw the images, we called Focus Photography to schedule an artistic baby session. The difference is night and day."

"The hospital just doesn't have the lights, fabrics, and experience that Focus does. Sophie's skin looked blotchy and bumpy in the hospital images, but her skin is smooth and flawless in the images from Focus Photography. I don't know how they do it, but I love Sophie's portraits." - Stephen, Marie, and Sophie LaSalle

"I can't believe I didn't know how much of a difference there could be in baby photography! Next to Focus, the mall shops' images look bland at best, and the loud, public, and crowded experience there is never worth it. "

"At the mall, I felt like I was being photographed in the food court! It's not like that at Focus Photography. The Focus studio is serene and calming, more like going to a day spa than anything else." - Amy Turin

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Decor-Friendly Baby Pictures

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  2. baby sitting up picture
  3. beautiful baby on satin
  4. sleeping baby portrait newborn photographers maine
  5. smiling baby in blanket portrait maine
  6. baby at valentine's day

The rich palette of our color images, and the softer lighting, will fill your house with warmth, and remind you of how precious your baby is.

Come in for a free consultation. Whenever possible, we recommend coming in to meet with us before your baby is even born. We can answer all your questions, put together a plan for documenting your baby's first year, and you can even register for some great baby shower gifts.

Plus, everyone who comes in for a free consultation gets to choose a gift from our famous grab-basket, valued at between $40 and $100 depending on what you choose!

Call us at (207) 772-4274 right now!

Get our free guide:
"Baby's First Year - The Year In Pictures"

It's Free! We've taken 15 years of experience photographing babies, and put together a guide on how to get the best images during your baby's first year.

The Guide covers what you should do with a photographer, what to do on your own, and decorating ideas for your home.

If you'd like us to send you this free guide, simply click here and we'll e-mail it right away!

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Black and White Baby Photography

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  2. baby with big eyes
  3. baby portrait feet hands heart
  4. sleeping baby and mom
  5. baby eyes in portrait with mother
  6. newborn and dad picture

The dramatic lighting of our fine art sessions gives the images a sophistication not normally seen with baby portraits.

What are you waiting for?

You're going to love the way we work with babies at Focus Photography, because everything we do is designed to make new parents' lives and choices easier. And you'll be thrilled to show off the beautiful, warm, and tender images of your baby, and you can do that with our unique assortment of birth announcements, books, albums, jewelry, and bags and purses! We can even make you your baby's own iphone app!

We'll take care of everything - we'll even frame your wall prints so they're ready to hang in your home. We're not just baby experts; we're a full-service photography studio. All you'll have to do is spend time with your new family member.

Call us to get started today!

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High Key Baby Photography

  1. 1 year old and birthday cake
  2. newborn baby photographed sleeping and swaddled
  3. baby in mom's arms
  4. newborn baby on mother with maternity picture reflection
  5. happy baby with block
  6. family with baby photography

Bright and happy images from throughout baby's first year will mix perfectly with each other and create a collage of joy for your home.