Senior Pictures in Maine

Show the world who you really are with senior pictures that portray the many sides of You!

Senior Pictures At Focus Photography

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    Senior Sports Composites

    This image, titled Hockey Tough, was shot in our studio, then our photographer visited the USM rink to photograph the background.

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The greatest variety of poses, backdrops, locations, styles, and looks anywhere.

"I was really impressed by the combination of creativity and professional quality of Focus Photography's images."

"At first, I worried that their prices might be out of reach, but then I realized that the prices for other photographers were the same if not higher, and Focus’s images were better. I’m so glad I chose Focus!" - Abbie Bonnevie, Greely

Unique Senior Photography

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    Senior Photography Studio

    Our contemporary senior photography studio gives you images with perfect hair and lighting.

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    Senior Pictures at the Beach

    The rocky coastline of Maine is a perfect backdrop for your senior photos.

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    Senior Portraits at the Park

    If flowers and wildlife are more your thing, our senior photography sessions at the park will give you beautiful backgrounds for your colorful outfits.

"I love my images. The quality of the portraits captured is truly impressive. My favorite image is the one where I'm laying on top of the music I've been practicing for the conservatory."

Senior portrait musician laying on sheet music

"This will always be memorable to me because it incorporates all of the college audition process for me."

"I really enjoyed working with Will during the shoot. He certainly helped me to relax and feel comfortable to create a natural look." - May Ye, Interlochen Arts Academy

"Everything about the images was spectacular. Even though I had taken pictures in different outfits, I was afraid a lot of the pictures would be similar. That’s why I was so delighted when I’d finally gotten to see them."

"I had a different expression, pose, outfit, or setting in almost every picture, and every factor contributed to the overall story and impression of the picture."

Senior portrait musician laying on sheet music

"I was shocked at the results because they were absolutely incredible and way beyond my expectations!-Sarah Foster, Westbrook

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Cool Senior Pictures

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    Contemporary Senior Photography

    Even our studio images look nothing like boring school pictures! This isn't another year of boring photos - our senior photographer will give you cutting edge looks.

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    Seniors at Portland Waterfront

    This composite came from our Downtown/Waterfront session, which also includes some studio time

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  6. senior pictures athlete baseball poster

    Sports posters are a great way to acknowledge all the work and time that has gone into becoming the best at your activities

"With Carrie away at school, the house is just a little bit lonely. I can't tell you how much her pictures on the wall keep me balanced." Stephanie Joles

A few reasons you should choose Focus Photography for your Senior Portraits:

We're not going to let you look like a dork in any of your pictures - We've built our reputation on making seniors look great in their images.

If you don't look good, we look bad, so we're not going to let that happen. From free retouching and image enhancements, to our clothing and posing suggestions, everything we do ensures you'll look your best!

We don't take school pictures - We create unique portraits of extraordinary individuals.

You'll never feel awkward wondering what to do: We know how frustrating bad pictures can be, and we're not going to let that happen to you.

If you're laughing at the beach, we're happy not to interrupt you, and we'll get great relaxed images.

But when you need a little direction to look your best, Will's going to tell you exactly how to stand, where to look, and what to do with your hands, arms, feet, etc.

We Guarantee You'll Love Your Images: Money back plus $10 for gas, no hard feelings. It hasn't happened in ten years, but every session we shoot, we know we have to earn your business.

You're not going to feel shy or embarrassed being photographed - You're going to love your photoshoot with Will.

You might actually feel embarrassed for Will, but most people spend a lot of time laughing during their sessions, and our clients tell us they really enjoyed being photographed.

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Senior Pictures in Maine

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    Our Maine Senior Photography Studio

    You'll jump for joy - yeah, I know it's corny. How about if you come ready for fun, you'll have it at our studio.

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"You were very friendly and made the photo sessions relaxed and comfortable, while still making progress. I told my friends the sessions were a blast, and not at all terrifying as i thought it might be. Will made me laugh a lot which helped take the pressure off trying to look good for the camera, something I was wicked nervous about! " --- Gabrielle Kempton, Gorham

We Guarantee You'll Love Your Images!

At Focus Photography, we've got over a decade of experience working with Maine seniors, and we're confident that we can create images that you'll be proud of, and portraits that your parents will love, and a graduation picture for the yearbook that will look great. And we're willing to stand behind that confidence with a money back guarantee!

We'll take all the risk. If you (or your parents) don't love the senior portraits we create together, we'll refund all of your order deposit plus give you $10 for gas!

We know you don't want to be embarassed by your senior pictures. For some students, they worry about looking like a dork, while others dont' want to be too showy. Just tell us your concerns, and we'll make sure you love your photos. That's our money-back plus $10 guarantee!

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Senior Pictures at Focus Photography

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"My photo session was amazing! Will was always coming up with ideas that really worked for me, and he had a good sense of my style. There was nothing traditional about my session, and that is what i loved about it! I think Focus is the the #1 choice for seniors!" - Erica Snow, GNG