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If you could work with a professional fashion photographer to create images that would define how people remember you for the rest of you life, would you do it?

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About Us

Who is Focus Photography, and why would they be good for your senior portraits? 

Why Should You Consider Focus Photography?

It’s okay to ask – we get it.  Everybody knows at least 10 people with a camera or a phone who ‘take senior pictures’.  You’re wondering why you’d hire Focus Photography when your sister said she’d do your senior pictures free.  Here’s a few thoughts.

We Won't Expect You To Know How To Do Everything

Some people hate being photographed because they’ve always been treated like a performer, as in I’m ready to take the picture, now you do your thing.

And they think, what am I supposed to do?

This is a really unfair situation, right?  And we all know it’s not going to result in good images.

If you work with focus, you’ll be photographed by Will – he shoots all the seniors.  He’s going to say to you ‘try standing like this.  See if you can move your left hand to that rock.  Look over at the butterfly on that flower.  And now imagine that butterfly is singing Let It Go to you’.  

You won’t have to know how to perform – you’ll just follow along and wonder how he trained that butterfly to sing.

We're Award-Winning Senior Photographers

Over the dozen years we’ve been photographing seniors in Maine, we’ve racked up a ton of awards for our images, and were featured by Kodak at an international exhibit of their prestigious Kodak Gallery Award winners.

You've Already Had 1 Million Snapshots Taken

Your generation is the most documented in history.  You’ve had weeks where more pictures of you were taken and shared than your parents had their whole life.   

But are they epic?  Do the selfies and friend pics really show you the way you want the world to see you?

This year, let’s create images that show everything that you’ve become, accomplished, and define you at your best.  At Focus Photography, that’s our goal for every image we create.

You Won't Be 1 Among The Many

We know you’re worried you’ll show up for your senior photos and there will be five other kids along with you, because thats the way other photographers do it, and you’ve heard the horror stories.  

But that sucks, so we don’t do it.

When you work with Focus Photography, you’ll be the only person at your photo shoot, and you’ll have our complete attention and a custom shoot – not rotated in and out of a scene with other students.

You Won't Have To Change In A Bush!

Ha!  Got your attention on that.  But it’s true, we won’t make you change in a bush.  We bring a portable changing tent with us for all our safari sessions, so you can change into multiple outfits, without ducking behind a shrub.

We Guarantee You'll Love Your Images

That’s just one of the guarantees.  We guarantee you’ll enjoy your photo shoot, we guarantee you’ll love your images, and we guarantee you’ll love the quality of our finished prints.

And if not, we’ll refund your money, re-shoot your session, or remake your prints. 

“My boys both loved coming to Focus Photography! They still talk about how much fun they had. Absolutely – Will helped them to relax and brought out the “true” personalities of each boy.

We really like the prints you made us. We bought the 4 box wall pieces for each of the boys, and they are so unique for each boy. They really demonstrate the person they are…love the one of Casey with the pic over pic view..so different – no one else has anything like it/them.”

Elizabeth Oleson

Mom to Jonathon & Casey Olesen (Deering)

“You know what I like best about my senior pictures? They don’t look like everyone else’s! I worked on the yearbook and several students from a different photography studio had the exact same pose, on the exact same staircase, in the same outfit! That would never happen at Focus, because each of the pictures is unique.”

Kayla Richardson

Biddeford HS

“Focus is really unique, and my pictures were nothing like the cookie-cutter style images other studios take. I like the creativity Will puts into his work to make sure each shot is different, and that the client’s personality is brought out in the image. My session was fun, relaxed, and personal, not to mention glamorous.  

I tell everyone I know in high school – use Focus Photography for your senior pictures, and you’ll be thrilled with your decision”

Cat Metayer

Falmouth HS

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