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Remember The Miracle

Every time you look at your maternity pictures, you'll get to focus on how miraculous your pregnancy was.

On how connected you were as a couple.

On how excited you were to start a family.

You'll never focus on how tired you look, or on blemishes or marks from your pregnancy.

When you come to Focus Photography, we'll make sure you look fabulous in your maternity pictures, so you'll be able to remember the miracle of motherhood, and not its inconveniences.

Our Story

For 20 years, Focus Photography has been creating artistic, relationship-focused images of expecting mothers and their partners and families.

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The Studio

We have a private and serene photography studio overlooking the Saccarappa Falls on the Presumscott River in Westbrook.

We have 2000 square feet of shooting space so you won’t have to bare your belly outdoors in a busy park.

Things to know about Focus Photography

Hollywod Lighting

Our signature directional lighting style is completely different from most photograpy studios.  

Learn about it here!

Subtle Retouching

We won’t let day-of-session blemishes; water weight gain; or stretch marks ruin an image.

Learn more here.

Dramatic Black and White Prints

Will grew up with a darkroom in his basement, and his first love was B&W.

Our fine-art maternity images have all of the grain and warmth of film prints.


You won’t need a whole wardrobe of maternity clothing you may never wear again.  

We have fabrics and dresses, and with a few basics from your closet, you’ll be camera ready.

Easy Directions

“My photoshoot was so easy.  Will told me exactly where to stand, sit, what to do with my hands, etc.  He even made my husband comfortable.”

Jenny Richards 

Couple's Portraits

If you can get baby’s father to the studio, we can get him in your portraits.

We show dads as strong and supportive, and they’ll be proud for baby to see them.

What Our Clients Have Said:

Articles That Might Help

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What To Bring

Our clothing recommendations for maternity photography sessions are easy.  Everything on the list below is optional, as any combination will work with what we do.

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When To Schedule

When should I schedule my maternity pictures photo shoot? We recommend scheduling your belly pictures between the 34th and 38th weeks, as that will give

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what does lighting have to do with maternity pictures?

Studio Lighting and Belly Pictures

Our maternity images feature strong directional lighting to flatter your shape, and shading to add contour. It’s a dramatic style made popular by Hollywood in the 1940s, but the difficulty of the technique and the equipment requirements leave very few photographers able to recreate it.

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