Family Portraits

black and white family portrait of daughter and her parents in connection style showing relationship.  At Maine photography studio Focus

Studio sessions focus on the connecions between your family members, and the unique relationships you have.

Environmental Portraits

  1. family portrait on beach in maine
  2. family portrait with dog at park in maine
  3. family portrait on vacation at beach in maine
  4. family portrait on beach in maine
  5. family portrait on beach in maine
  6. family portrait on beach in maine

We'll create images where your family is part of a piece of artwork, and you'll always remember the good times you had in Maine.

"This is exactly the way I want to remember my family!" - Tara Hughes

"Our Connection Session was perfect. I wanted more than just smiling pictures of my family - I wanted to capture the bonds between us, and that's just what Will and Lucia did." - Simone LaFitte

"We've been bringing our family to Maine for so many years - and to have our whole family photographed on our family beach - perfect!" - Michael & Lindsey Lewis


  1. close connections between mother and her children
  2. black and white portrait of family in photography studio portland maine
  3. portrait of daughter with mom showing close relationship and love in photographer's studio
  4.  black and white family portrait strip for a contemporary family photograph
  5. family portrait relationship style at Maine photography studio
  6. family portrait at maine family photography studio

Our connection images let you focus on the bonds between your family members, so you'll always feel that love.

Here are the links to our family galleries:

Connection Sessions: The most unique and popular of our family sessions, our connection sessions are a study of the bonds between your family.

The black and white, low-key images we create from these sessions are both contemporary and timeless.

Color Studies: Color studies are a traditional family portrait session. Of course, not all the images will be formal, and your family may be more contemporary and still like a color session.

The Generation Sessions: Large families sometimes have a challenge getting all the children and grandchildren together at the same time.

We offer a special series of sessions where we can photograph all the smaller groups and families, and composite you all into one portrait.

Environmental Sessions: Whether your family is drawn to Maine's dramatic coastlines and vigilant lighthouses, or her majestic mountains, there is no better backdrop for a family portrait.

Color Studies

  1. Contemporary family portait at maine photogaphy studio
  2. sisters together in family portrait for parents
  3. family photo with baby in studio
  4. family portait in studio with kids
  5. Mother and daughter in close portrait at family studio Focus Photography
  6. contemporary family portrait at photography studio portland maine

A classic and timeless color study will show the pride you have for your family's rich heritage and future legacy.

Family portraits at Focus Photography can be contemporary or traditional; simple or complex; black and white or color; or in-studio or on-location.

We take a casual and lighthearted attitude while we're working with you, because a fun photoshoot produces more natural expressions, and is much more memorable for your family.

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Outdoor Family Portraits

  1. family at beach in cape elizabeth looking out to sea
  2. family portait at Maine lighthouse with ocean and coast behind them - Fort Williams Maine
  3. family in the leaves at park in Maine with fall colors
  4. beach portrait of family walking along the sand at sea shore in Maine
  5. family walking along the water's edge at beach and lighthouse in Maine
  6. family vacation in Maine captured in portait at sea shore with lightou

The natural beauty of Maine will make a great backdrop for your family portait.