Engagement Pictures and Couples’ Portraits
Romantic Images In Studio or On Location - Maine, NH, and Boston

Engagement Pictures and Couples’ Portraits

engagement pictures at fort williams in cape elizabeth, maine

On the Coast of Maine…

Engagement couple on the rocks with stormy waves at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, ME

Devan and Robert had their engagement pictures created at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, and they'll be getting married at the Wentworth by the Sea Hotel in New Castle, NH.

Maine’s rocky shoreline and its’ scenic beaches are a perfect place for engagement pictures.

From Kittery to the Mid Coast, we’ll meet you at your favorite beach or coastal park.

Low tide is often preferable with beach shoots, and sunset is optimum!

Contact us today to learn more about clothing, scheduling, and pricing, and to lock in one of the rare low-tide sunsets!

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Or Photographed in Downtown Boston…

This bridge crosses the Swan pond in the center of the Public Garden

Did you know that Boston’s Public Garden was the first botanical garden in America? It’s true, but who cares? It’s wicked gorgeous, and we love working there!

You should do your engagement pictures there with us!

Plus, it’s the only place in Boston with more squirrels than tourists! Most days, anyway.

Or we can work at the North End; the waterfront; the esplanade; the Arnold Arboretum in JP; Post Office Square; Lansdowne Street; or anywhere else in town that sounds like fun for you!

You’ll see examples of all of these spots on this page, or reach out through email, text, or phone to chat about your ideas.

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A little part of a work of art…

Jessica and Jeff had their engagement pictures taken in a park in Portland, ME.

Ryan and Lauren love the colors of fall in New England, and we went to the Arnold Arboretum in Boston. Their wedding was on the beach in Newport, Rhode Island.

Jessica and Jeff had their engagement pictures taken in a park in Portland, ME. Their wedding was held at the Wentworth by the Sea.

Some of our couples love the idea of romantic images, but they don’t want to be the center of attention.

Maybe you know someone like that?

We’ll create beautiful scenic images that show off your connection, without necessarily showing your complexion.

I only said that because it rhymes – nobody said anything about your skin.

When you work with Focus Photography, we’ll create scenic environmental portraits; tightly cropped images; silhouettes; traditional; and candid images of you as a couple.

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“Not gonna lie, Tim and I were a little skeptical about doing an engagement photo shoot. We aren’t very photogenic, we were nervous about it being awkward, and we thought it might be kinda cheesy.”

“Will and Lucia from Focus Photography are are excellent photographers, and we fell in love with SO many photos that we could not choose just a couple. So we got an entire album!”

“Because of the engagement photo shoot, we knew what to expect on the wedding day and it instilled a sense of confidence in us. I was so glad we got the awkwardness out of our system before the wedding day photos!”

Ashley & Tim Estes

Sheraton Harborside Wedding

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Even People Who Hate Being In Pictures Like Working With Us…


Hannah and Chris were photographed at Drakes Island in Wells.
They're getting married this summer, also in Wells.

It’s not their fault, but some people dread being photographed more than having teeth drilled.

Maybe they had moms that just said ‘Smile’ too many times.

Maybe they worked with other photographers who tried to pose them by twisting and turning their heads painfully.

Maybe they don’t know what to do when the camera points their way.

Our clients don’t have those experiences.

If we want you to smile, we’ll make you laugh.

If we ask to to sit a certain way, we’ll show you.

And if you look better ‘caught in the act’ we’ll give you a direction that will allow you to be the people you are when the camera isn’t around.

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We Celebrate Joyful Relationships!

H2732-JulieEric-128 A

Julie and Eric had their ceremony under a chuppah, at the Great Island Commons in New Castle, NH.
Their reception was at the Wentworth.

If you’ve found the person who makes your life complete, you want the world to know!

Not in a ‘hands-off, this one’s mine’ sort of way, but more in a ‘you’ve known me when I was hurt, angry, or less-than-happy, but look at me now’ way.

We’ll create images that elevate your connection and capture your happiness. Portraits that help keep loneliness away when business travel comes around.

And most importantly, you’ll get pictures for your save-the-dates that will make everyone jealous that you’re so perfectly happy and that say ‘hands-off, this one’s mine’.

engagement pictures of gay couple at maine coast.

Love Is Love!

H2732-JohnMichael-141 A

Michael and John were married at the Wentworth by the Sea.
Their signature drink was 'The Three Dollar Bill', and they danced to 'The Rainbow Connection'.
It was a great celebration.

It doesn’t matter to us if the person you love is a man, woman, or a martian, we’re going to create awesome images that show how lucky you are to find each other.

We’re kind of kidding about the martian part – the green skin could be tough to make look healthy.

Wait, did you see the movie The Martian? With Matt Damon. You can totally bring him along.

featured image for Engagement Pictures and Couples’ Portraits
Bride and Bride wedding photo

“Our engagement pictures are amazing! We were beyond pleased with the images.”

“We tend to not like pictures of ourselves, but there were very few images that we didn’t completely love! We had also had many of our romantic session photos made into our guestbook, which was such a fantastic idea!! It came out amazing, and we will continue to proudly show it off!”

“Above and beyond the images, it gave us a chance to spend more time with Will and Lucia, which made it all the easier come our wedding day!”

Kelley & Jen Pichette

Granite Ridge Wedding

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How much will amazing engagement pictures cost?
H2732-ChantelleScott-153 A

Chantelle and Scott chose to have their engagement pictures created in the North End of Boston and on the waterfront.

These images were taken at Christopher Columbus Park.

Their wedding was on the top floor of the Providence Graduate (formerly the Biltmore), in what is arguably New England's best ballroom.

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This a fountain in Paul Revere square where we stared our engagement photo shoot.

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H2732-M-W-romantics-1014 A

Mariah and Will were married at the Samoset Resort in Rockport.
We did their engagement pictures in downtown Portland for a more urban feel, which contrasted nicely with their coastal wedding.

“It was awesome to work with Focus Photography. Altogether, Will and Lucia are just wonderful people to have on your wedding day. You can really count on Lucia to know the “what, where, and when” for everyone in the wedding party! And Will knows how to make even the most nervous of brides (me) laugh.”

“We loved our romantic shoot with them! It was really helpful to have the initial experience in front of the camera and I think it really increased both of our comfort levels for the big day.”

“If we hadn’t already hired them for our wedding, we certainly would have after or engagement session.”

Will and Mariah Wilson

Samoset Resort Wedding

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