Couples' Photography

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Whether you're celebrating a recent engagment, or a special anniversary, you'll love the intimacy of our couples' sessions.

If you value images of you as a couple that make you feel warm and connected, and artwork you'll be proud to display in your home - Welcome.

" I was anxious for the romantic shoot but Will and Lucia were great! Trevor and I had a great time during our romantic shoot and we both really enjoyed it! The images weren't just good, they were great! We had trouble deciding which to choose to give our parents for wedding gifts as so many images were awesome!"

"I would recommend every couple do a romantic shoot before their wedding day, or even if you're already married. You get to know Will and Lucia much better (which is a plus), you have a lot of fun with them and your future spouse, and you get beautiful images to treasure for the rest of your life!"Erin Watt

"Will and Lucia are a married couple very much in love, and they understood our relationship immedietly." - Jennifer & Mike Rush

"Whenever John is out at sea, all I have to do is look at the image of us hanging in the living room, and I feel like he's right there with me, and I feel loved." - Stephanie Shaunnessy

"I thought I wanted a single engagement picture we could send to our family. What we got was an experience we'll never forget working with Will and Lucia, and a whole book of Laura and I in images I never thought we could pull off. " - Mark Corbier

  1. engaged couple on rocks at Portland Head Light
  2. Couple in crosswalk downtown Boston
  3. Sunset on beach
  4. couple in field looking at water
  5. romantic kiss
  6. couple at horse farm

A few of the reasons couples images from Focus Photography are so unique:

We see the world in dramatic colors.Being in love is a vivid and powerful feeling. At Focus Photography we believe images that show love should be just as vivid and powerful.

We love romantic comedies: If you're a movie fan, you know there's a scene in every great film where the guy and the girl finally get together, and there's laughter, and kissing, and everyone in the world is thrilled for them for finding the person they were always meant to be with. It's bigger than real life, and a little mushy, but you always get choked up when you watch it. That's what being in a couples session with Focus Photography is like!

You're going to look great in your images: Let's be honest with each other for a minute. It doesn't matter how great the scenery is, or how close the connection between you as a couple is, if you don't like the way you look in your images, they're not going to thrill you.

It's not vanity, and it's not crazy - it's reality. Will and Lucia have spent years learning how to direct couples of any body types, any ages, and any height differences to look their best when they're photographed. You will love the way you look when we photograph you - we guarantee it.

"Peter and I are not normally a 'romantic' couple, and I was nervous about our couples session before we did it. I wanted good pictures of us, but we didn't know what to do, or how to pose, and I was worried I wouldn't like anything, and I thought Peter might hate the photo shoot. "

"It turns out that's how most couples feel before they meet Will and Lucia. They made it so easy, and started with just our fingers entwined as we held hands. It wasn't awkward at all. They'd joke, and then direct us to do something else, and we'd all laugh, and move on to another spot. By the time Will asked me to lay down on Peter's back in the middle of downtown Portland, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do. "

"And Peter - he had so much fun he wants to do more pictures next time we're in Maine! Will kept telling him just to be strong and solid, and then heroic and macho, and then aloof as I tried to distract and seduce him - I swear Peter thought he was a movie star that night."

" And then after the shoot I got nervous again, because I was worried that I might not like any of the images. I know I'm not thin, but I hate looking heavy in pictures. So imagine how thrilled I was when I saw the images where my curves looked sexy, and my man couldn't take his eyes off me! I was hoping we'd like at least one or two pictures, but we couldn't find any we didn't like. We bought a book! Will and Lucia - we can't thank you enough!" - Peter and Ivana Lazky

  1. downtown portland engagement session
  2. engaged couple photographed in Portland
  3. overlooking the sunset
  4. Arnold Arboretum Jamaica Pond Boston
  5. fort williams Cape Elizabeth
  6. Harvard's Arnold Arboretum in Boston

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