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Celebrate Your Love!

When you're lucky enough to find someone you want to spend your life with, its natural to want to capture your joy.

Whether you're engaged to be married, or are celebrating a momentous anniversary together, let's create some images you'll treasure forever.

Our Story

We’re Will and Lucia (that’s us on the right).

We’re two photographers who are married to each other, and feel fortunate that we get to spend every day together.

We love cooking, playing bocce on the beach, and photographing other couples who are equally committed.

Will and Lucia

We have a 2500 square foot photography studio in Maine, but we photograph most couples on the coast of New England, or in the cities of Boston, Portsmouth, and Portland.

If you’re passionate about your relationship, we invite you to learn a little more about couple’s photography and engagement pictures at Focus Photography.

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Things to know about Focus Photography

Epic Scenes

Cinematographers call this the Extreme Long Shot.  We call it Scene Setting. 

You’ll think of it as being a little section of a bigger piece of art.  

Tighter Details

The opposite of the wide shot above, we also work close enough to see the magic between you!

Vivid Colors

Love isn’t dull – it’s dramatic, bright, awe-inspiring and fully saturated.

As you look at our galleries, note the chromaticity, and how your eyes react.

True Black and Whites

Will grew up with a black and white darkroom in his basement, and his first photographic love is B&W.

Our Black and Whites are developed in photoshop now, and not just converted to grayscale.

Unusual Compositions

You won’t have to scour pinterest for weeks to find unique ideas for your images.

Wherever we work, we find creative ways to frame our subjects.

Theatrical Lighting

If light falls on the subject, it becomes an element of the image. 

It should be thoughtfully placed to enhance the story, and colored to harmonize with the ambient light.

Orientation Inclusive

It doesn’t matter to us if your partner is a man, woman, or a martian.  

Love is Love, after all.

Status Inclusive

Couple’s portraits aren’t just for single or engaged millennials!

We photograph couples who are married but want more/better images after their wedding; couples having special anniversaries; and AARP members who’ve fallen in love.

Our Favorite Engagement Pictures


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