Rachel and Tommy

Pineland Farms

Rachel and Tommy

romantic photos of couple against the sky by professional engagement photographers in Maine

“Going into this photo shoot, both myself and my fiance Tommy were a little nervous as we are typically not the people in front of the camera and don’t feel the most comfortable with the focus being on us, never having had professional photos taken before. The second we arrived though, Lucia and Will instantly rid our nerves with their amazing personalities. They made it such an enjoyable experience, got us laughing throughout it all and helped us feel comfortable in our own skin. We really loved that they emphasized the importance of capturing our connection as a couple and truly made the shoot an experience that we will treasure and would do again in a heartbeat!.”

“The pictures turned out FANTASTIC! I absolutely loved the diverse assortment of shots they captured that really produced something for all tastes. They had great vibrant colorful shots with bold images to some of the more soft, romantic and intimate shots. Some of my absolute favorite captures had focus on the beautiful landscape with us as a smaller portion in the shot, something I would LOVE to have hanging up in my home as an art piece. I was also very impressed with the images of us through water features, it was very creative and beautiful!”

“I am VERY excited for our wedding. We will be holding it at Newagen Seaside Inn in Southport, ME on August 27, 2022. Fingers crossed it will be a beautiful day on the water! We are even more excited to be having Will and Lucia photographing the day; I can’t wait to not only spend more time with them as individuals, but also can’t wait to see the images they produce from our big day!”

Rachel Hough

rachel and tom at pineland farm in new gloucester

romantic photos for engaged couples or married couples celebrating anniversaries

Hi guys, it’s Will and Lucia, the photographers here at Focus Photography, not the couple in the picture.

We’ve been shooting weddings together for over a dozen years, and married to each other for even longer. We love images of us together where we’re laughing, connected, and really involved with each other, and those are the kinds of images we capture for our clients.

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