Katie and Roman’s Wedding

Katie and Roman’s Wedding

Twilight Ceremony At Maine Backyard Wedding

Jose and I wish we could go back and make our wedding experience 10 times longer! We loved seeing everyone, especially those who traveled from afar and those we rarely get a chance to see nowadays, and we feel like the day flew by! — Katie W.

Katie And Roman'S Wedding Was Held At Her Parents' Back Yard In Maine.
Portraits Of The Groom And The Most Amazing Tie Knot Ever On A Wedding
Portraits Of The Bride At Maine Wedding In Back Yard

Our anniversary happens to fall on the longest day of the year, and this year it also happened to fall on Father’s Day. All of these things made our wedding day even more special, and we were also so lucky to be able to get married at my parents’ house as it is so beautiful and scenic! Every time we visit home it will remind us of our wedding!
— Katie & Roman

Wedding Day Portraits Of The Bride'S Family
Maine Wedding Photography Of Wedding Party At Backyard Wedding In Falmouth Foreside
Flowers At Maine Backyard Wedding
Wedding Day Entertainment With Giant Jenga Game At Maine Wedding
Wedding Guests Play Cornhole During The Cocktail Hour
Wedding Pictures Of Guests During Cocktail Hour At Maine Wedding. Photographers Will And Lucia.
Wedding Day Photos Of Toasts And Speeches At Falmouth Maine Wedding.
Afternoon Dancing

The Awesome was exactly what I expected and exactly what we wanted for our wedding – a super energetic and fun 80’s band that brought everyone together on the dancefloor! My godmother Mary and her husband Paul were the first to dance as usual – and they were amazing and inspiring to watch! I also loved seeing Dominicans dance to Iranian music and vice versa – everyone was so open and adventurous which is what we wanted!
— Katie & Roman

The Food
Maine Wedding In Falmouth, Bride'S Dress Photo
Wedding Photos Of Twilight Ceremony In Falmouth Maine
Ceremony At Twilight In Falmouth Maine Wedding.
Cake Cutting Pictures
Dance Pictures Of Bride And Groom
Wedding Photos Of Celebration And Dancing At Falmouth, Maine Wedding. Photographers Will And Lucia Of Focus Photography
Night Time Portraits Of Bride And Groom At Falmouth, Maine Wedding.
Night Photography Of Bride And Groom
Night Photography Of Bride And Groom In Front Of Backyard Wedding And Tent In Falmouth Foreside, Maine Wedding. Photographers Will And Lucia Of Focus Photography
End of night photo of bride and groom at backyard wedding in Maine

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