The Portland Company Wedding of Annie and Kevin

The Portland Company Wedding of Annie and Kevin

Three different dresses.  A tea ceremony.  A first glance session. And a trip to the beach and Fort Williams park.  And then after the church, a hip and swanky reception at the Portland Company (you know, the place where they hold the flower show, but it didn’t look anything at all like that when Annie got done with it….)  This is going to be a lot of images, but what choice do I have?  This was a wedding made for photographers, and I have hundreds of favorites. Let’s start with the tea ceremony:

1010 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q9144)
1013 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q9149)
1061 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q9250)
1092 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q9329)

And then everyone changes.  Let’s see the gown before Annie get’s into it:

1104 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q9357)
1140 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q9430)
1142 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q9435)

That’s Annie’s brother Joey, the man of honor, gently tightening the dress….

1152 Annie Kevin (Raw_Mg_3504)
1292 Annie Kevin (Raw_Mg_1868)

Okay, off to Fort Williams:

1333 Annie Kevin (Raw_Mg_1887)
1349 Annie Kevin (Raw_Mg_1896)
1370 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q9679)
1381 Annie Kevin (Raw_Mg_1913)
1406 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q9714)
1603 Annie Kevin (Raw_Mg_3734)

Okay, so we pull into the warehouse complex that is the Portland Company, and the juxtaposition of the seedy feel of the brick buildings outside opposed to the super-swanky loft feel inside was amazing. If you could bring New York chic to Portland for a night, Annie and Kevin did it (with some help from Mellissa and Laurie from Minott’s Flowers who created the posh leather space below).  If I’m not mistaken, this was only the second time the world had seen Laurie’s (now Laurie Andrew’s Designs) genius for creating lounge spaces and transforming spaces.

1681 Annie Kevin (Raw_Mg_3765)
1691 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q0028)
1698 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q0037)
1709 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q0057)
1720 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q0078)
1728 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q0090)

Here’s a testimony to how fabulous Annie’s dress was – I have never shot so many full length shots of a bride before – but I had to show off that dress!!!!

1838 Annie Kevin (Raw_Mg_3854)
1844 Annie Kevin (Raw_Mg_3857)
1907 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q0305)
2039 Annie Kevin (Raw_Mg_4023)
1935 Annie Kevin (Rawxn0Q0341)

Check out how cool the staging and lighting are over the incredible Bob Charest band below.  Doesn’t that look like a really cool concert venue?nd

We had a fabulous time, and we got to work with some of our friends: Lot’s of love to Minott’s Flowers and to the Bob Charest Band.  And I haven’t mentioned them yet, but I couldn’t have shot this wedding without the fabulous Chetster shooting with me, and of course, Lucia keeping me focused.  Thanks for looking!

Will Wenzel

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