A Spring Nonantum Wedding of M and W

A Spring Nonantum Wedding of M and W

wedding photography at Nonantum lighthouse in southern maine

There’s nothing more exciting than a spring wedding, especially for wedding photographers! After the winter we’re always thrilled to be able to work in the sunshine again. This is Will from Focus Photography – and it’s April of 2022, many years after this wedding was shot, but I just had my first wedding of this year, and I feel the same way every year.

I’m revisiting these fabulous images and this post which has been posted here since this wedding to remove the couples’ names so they can be a little less internet-famous! When you see how pretty the bride is, you’ll get it. M (that’s what we’ll call her from this point on) is gorgeous, and husband (we’ll call him W from now on) is a lucky man.

Here are a few dozen of my favorite images from this lovely and intimate wedding. Thanks for looking – Will

At Nonantum Resort, by Focus Photography, wedding photographers in Maine
wedding photography in Kennebunkport, Maine

Hi there! This is W and M and we’re glad to share some of our favorite moments from our wedding day with you! Hope you enjoy them also!

maine wedding photography
wedding photography in Maine
Portland wedding photographers
hair brush in bride's getting ready pictures on wedding day
bride in mirror at maine wedding photography by Focus
bride at Nonantum wedding

I had a great time working with Ron from His and hers salon where he helped me achieve a very natural and feminine look. — M

bride and maid of honor
Maid of honor zips wedding gown in Kennebunkport wedding pictures
bride and maid of honor at maine wedding at Nonantum resort in Kennebunkport
wedding photography of bride and maid of honor in kennebunkport, maine
kennebunkport maine wedding photography of bride and maid of honor

I. has been an absolutely amazing friend to me for many years and I am very grateful for having her in my life! She did an excellent job making my wedding day super enjoyable.  — M

M. and her mother at portland wedding. Photographer - Focus Photography
mother of bride peeks over her shoulder at kennebunkport wedding - photography by focus
bride and her mother - by maine wedding photographer Focus Photography

I am very grateful that my Mom was able to travel half way across the world to share this special day with me. She’ll remember all her life seeing me so incredibly happy marrying the man I love. — M.

wedding dress at Nonantum Resort
bride in her wedding dress
wedding gown from David's bridals
wedding photography of bride at maine wedding
bride looks out window on wedding day
M. and her wedding bouquet at Nonantum resort in Kennebunkport, Maine
bride and dress at maine wedding

I decided on a beautiful embellished dress after spending all day at David’s Bridal with my maid of honor Inna who I absolutely couldn’t do without. – M

groom on docks in Kennebunkport Maine wedding
Groom at nonantum resort wedding - photography in Maine by Focus
wedding pictures of groom in tuxedo
groom waiting by the harbor in Maine

“ I wore a traditional black tux with accompanied with a white bow tie, matching vest and black leather cap toe dress shoes. The white on the vest and bow tie nicely complimented M’s dress.  – W

William and his mom
The groom and his father at Maine wedding at Nonantum Resort
groom and family at Maine wedding - photographer Focus Photography

My father was my best man. He did a great job. Thanks Mom and Dad for being a part of the special day for me. It means allot to me that you could be there to see me marry the woman of my dreams.  – W


I am also very grateful to my father-in-law for saying yes to walking me down the aisle and doing a great job at making sure I don’t trip over my dress and fall :).   — M

The bouquet and the wedding ceremony site - by Maine wedding photographers Focus Photography
bridal bouqet

Our flowers were from Blooms and Heirlooms, and they looked absolutely perfect- elegant and tender!” – M

wedding ceremony at Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport, Maine by Focus Photography

We got married by the beautiful lighthouse by Nonantum resort. It was perfect!” M & W

“ The moment I stepped outside the balcony door of my room and my eyes met W’s everything else disappeared- it was just me and him. “ – M

Groom looks at bride as she walks down the aisle
bride walks down aisle in ceremony during Maine wedding - photography by Focus
bride's eyes at wedding ceremony in Kennebunk, Maine

“ The second I saw M I could not take my eyes off hers. She looked so incredible in her dress. I couldnt stop thinking about how much I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her.  – W


“ My mom is somewhat superstitious and she swears by the white bird landing on the lighthouse while we were reciting our vows. She thinks that this the sign of a blessing. We of course, completely agree. – M

maine wedding photography of bride and groom at Nonantum
embrace by bride and groom at maine wedding
Lighthouse at Nonantum by maine wedding photographers Focus Photography

Will and Lucia from Focus Photography did a great job making us and all of our guests feel very relaxed and photogenic. It was fun working with them.  – M and W

Bride and groom on the docks at Kennebunkport's Nonantum resort
bride and groom in maine wedding at nonantum resort
wedding bands in bridal portrait by maine weddding photographer Focus Photography
bridal portrait in mirror at Nonantum resort
wedding portrait of bride and groom at Nonantum Resort in maine
groom and bride at Nonantum Resort by Portland Maine wedding photographers Focus Photography
bride feeding groom grapes at kennebunkport maine wedding

We had a beautiful reception in the same place as our ceremony- the Nonantum and couldn’t be happier with our choice. It was in the new banquet room with a fireplace overlooking the water.

Bride and groom at Nonantum resort in Kennebunkport, Maine

Dawn at the Nonantum was so helpful and talented! She made sure that not one of our wishes for the wedding day doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks Dawn!” – M and W 

shells on wedding cake
wedding cake toppers of bride and groom oysters with pearls in the shell
The bride and groom cut the cake
the kiss at the cake

Our cake made by Let them eat cake got lots of attention- it was white and light blue and had a happy clams couple as a topper!.. delicious too!” – M

first dance at maine wedding
a weddding dance dip. image by maine wedding photographers Focus Photography
the groom dips the bride during first dance

Our first dance was to Desiree’s “Im kissing you” song which we both like. After dinner everyone danced to a couple of CDs that my Mom brought all the way from Russia for us.

My most memorable moment during the reception was the perfect dip that W bestowed on me at the end of our first dance. – M

The bride and groom laughing after their wedding ceremony at the Nonantum Resort in Maine. Wedding Photography by Focus

We are very grateful to everyone who shared this amazing day with us. Our Nonantum wedding was perfect and we will always remember it as it as one of the most meaningful moments of our lives. Thank you so much for everything. We love you guys! – M and W

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