Eric & Erica at the Samoset

Eric & Erica at the Samoset

maine wedding photographers at Samoset Resort 07
the samoset golf course as wedding picture backdrop
maine wedding photographers at Samoset Resort 10
bride drives of golf tee in wedding dress
maine wedding photographers at Samoset Resort 15
penobscott bay in rockport, maine
maine wedding photographers at Samoset Resort 19
bride walks down aisle with father
maine wedding photographers at Samoset Resort 22
ring exchange at samoset wedding
maine wedding photographers at Samoset Resort 31
group photo at samoset resort
maine wedding photographers at Samoset Resort 40
tented wedding reception at samoset at night

An update about this wedding:
  We hope you enjoyed that slideshow – we just added that to the original post.  For a long time, Samoset weddings have defined the ideal Maine venue for us. A perfect blend of the elegant and the casual. I think that combination is really on display here. Erica has Manolo Blahnik shoes, and is swinging a golf club.

In the years since we’ve shot this wedding, the Samoset has moved most of their ceremonies down to the water’s edge on the Eastern side of the property (if you can believe this, its an even better view).  They’ve also added a spa, a pool, a fabulous restaurant, and they updated their tent!

The bride and groom, Eric and Erica, moved to Maine, had 2 kids, and they still look fabulous.  We got to photograph their family last year, and it made us really happy!

As for us at Focus Photography, we’ve shot hundreds of weddings since then, and we’ve improved in a lot of ways, but we’re still very happy showing these images.

The original blog post is down below in case you want to see it. And thanks for looking!

Will and Lucia
wedding couple at Samoset Resort Rockland Maine

Wow, let me tell you how awesome a day Eric and Erica’s wedding at the Samoset was for me (I know – you thought I’d talk about them, but I’m starting with me).  I had never met the bride or groom before – they live out-of-state, and our attempts to get together over the last year always failed because Eric was at sea – and I’m really sorry that I won’t get to see them more often!  Extremely welcoming, great family, and a terrific party all around.  An incredible day.

So if I had that much fun at their wedding, and as a wedding photographer I was working all day, imagine how perfect the day was for their guests!

Eric and Erica had agreed to see each other before the ceremony so that they could enjoy their cocktail hour with their friends, and we got awesome romantic images ahead of time.  As photographers, we hate seeing our clients miss their party, and the first glance (where the groom first sees the bride in her gown) is really powerful.

Okay, below are my favorite images.  You can click the thumbs for larger images,  and you can comment on the post as well.  The Focus Photography team was myself, my wife Lucia Razionale, and the very talented Chet Annis.  I hope you enjoy the gallery!

Manolo Blahnik pumps
Bridal Portrait at the Samoset Resort
The First Glance
Ceremony Site at Samoset Resort
Wedding Party at Samoset wedding

Thanks for looking!  –William von Wenzel

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