The Wentworth Wedding of Chris and Jackie

The Wentworth Wedding of Chris and Jackie

Chris and Jackie had a big Greek wedding with amazing color, outrageous decor, spectacular flowers, and a raucous Greek band. And if you think that description is over-the-top, just look at this gallery.

The ceremony was at a Greek Orthodox Catherdral in Manchester (Saint George), and the architecture of the cathedral was unlike any place I’ve ever been to.  It rained (which Lucia will tell you is good luck on a wedding), so we didn’t go to the beach before the reception, but when your reception is being held at the Wentworth by the Sea, who cares.

So how was the reception, you ask?  An off the hook combination of traditional Greek celebration (though no plates were broken) and a rocking fun wedding.  Surf and turf, both a band and a DJ, and dancing both in the ballroom, and out in the hallway.  Gina Damiano and her staff at the Wentworth made it all go off flawlessly, and the Christos Natsis band played until everyone had thrown all their money in the air.

I hope you have fun looking at the images – we had a blast producing them.  Thanks for looking – Will

bride at home and dress before wedding
bride getting ready
wedding shoes and jewelry
bride getting in dress and shoes going on
bride and flowers
Bride with bouquet before ceremony
bride and bridesmaids
groom with sports pennants
Look at the Yankees and Bills pennants! Shame Christos, Shame!
groom at parents house
groom with men
st george greek orthodox church in Manchester, NH
wedding decor at st george
father of bride walks her up to church
st george greek orthodox wedding ceremony panorama
A panorama of the ceremony at St George Greek Orthodox – such a pretty church!
greek wedding ceremony
bride and groom on alter of st george
couple in st george
wedding couple at church in manchester, nh
champagne toast outside limo at st george church
place cards as messages in bottles for wentworth by sea wedding
Place Cards designed by Signed, Sealed, and Delivered
The wedding party waiting to be introduced
The wedding party waiting to be introduced
wentworth ballroom with uplight and decor
The Wentworth Ballroom
appetizers before reception at wentworth
ballroom with blue light
couple introduced at wentworth wedding
money thrown over couple at greek wedding
happy couple at wedding
Lobster, steak, and money for throwing on the dance floor!
Lobster, steak, and money for throwing on the dance floor!
money thrown at greek wedding
cake topper
dancing at wedding
last dance at wedding
Chris and Jackie’s Last Dance
last dance at wentworth wedding

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