The Nonantum wedding of Devon and Chris

The Nonantum wedding of Devon and Chris

Formal Wedding Pose Of Bride And Groom

We’re really excited for you to see some highlights from our wedding day. But while we want to share what we loved with you, we also want to hear from you about your favorite moments, so please, let us know! Our wedding was the greatest day of our lives, and we’re so honored to have spent it with you.

Devon & Chris

Will here from Focus Photography.  Many of the readers of this post may have never seen one of our wedding interviews before, so I wanted to share a little information about our web posts.  I asked Devon and Chris to respond to a slew of questions about their wedding, so that you can hear a little more about them and their wedding.  Their answers are both in the text of this article, and embedded with certain images as well, so be sure to click your way through the gallery.
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I hope you enjoy their story, and I’ll return the narrative to Devon now.  Thanks for looking – Will

 The dress I wore on my wedding day was actually the fourth dress I had purchased. Because I had been consistently slimming down during the entire two year planning process, I literally shrank out of dress after dress. Devon

It was great working with Will and Lucia at Focus Photography. Will had awesome energy and really helped relax me. And Lucia was amazing! She was constantly making sure I had my veil just a certain way, and that my hair and dress were in place. She was the mastermind behind the schedule that day; God knows it was some feat attempting to keep this crew on time, but she did it! They were an incredible team to have with us that day.   Devon

 In addition to the pearl and diamond chandelier earrings I was wearing, I also wore the diamond studs that Chris gave me the day I met his parents. I pierced my ears a second time just for these specific earrings; I never take them off. I also carried a gold locket that is incredibly near and dear to me.  Devon

Christian looked so handsome in his dress whites; absolutely perfect for our seaside soiree. That day was the first time I’d seen him in them. There is just something magical about that uniform…my immediate instinct when he turned around was to kiss him! I am now convinced, more than ever, that there is some type of mystical magnetic power embedded in those fibers and metals. Devon

Since Chris and I were actually already married, we really wanted to do a first look session. That was so much fun! I’m really glad we got to see each other and have that special moment exclusively with one another.  Devon

I was picking up my daughter at her new school when I first laid eyes on Christian. He was picking up his son, who, coincidentally was in the same classroom. I’ve never really been one for a guy in uniform; however, Chris in his whites is a hard thing to look away from. I immediately called my friend and told her that I had just met the hottest sailor I’ve ever seen. I never would have guessed that four years later, I would marry him! Devon

The Pineapple Ketch Sails Into Dock At The Nonantum Resort In Kennebunkport, Maine For An Afternoon Wedding

Shortly after the first glance, we walked down the dock to the Pineapple Ketch and took a little sail just before the ceremony. What an incredible way to connect and relax with each other….not to mention one of the coolest ways to enter your ceremony!  Devon

I loved that Chris and I actually walked up the dock together. When we met my uncle, I wanted to lean in and kiss him goodbye and then I remembered….not quite yet! I was trying not to sprint down the aisle; thank goodness my uncle was pacing me, apparently I was a little anxious to get there. It was amazing looking up and seeing Chris waiting for me. I really am the luckiest girl in the world! Devon

I wasn’t really nervous. Devon and I had a short sail that allowed us to relax and reconnect beforehand. As I was walked up to the ceremony and took my place, I was thinking about how beautiful the day had been and wondering how it could be any better, and then I saw her. There was my answer walking towards me. It was perfect walking out to “Here comes the sun”…it was written for her! Chris

Our ceremony was gorgeous. We decided to keep everything nice and close and have a sunset ceremony on lawn at the Nonantum. The river and docks played perfectly into our nautical theme. And the classical guitarist and flutist helped set a nice, relaxed tone for the evening. It was really nice to have our wedding in my hometown; I’ve dreamed about that since I was a little girl. The Nonantum was perfect, and I knew the grounds really well because I worked there years ago when I was in high school. Devon

The Reception
We went for a nautical theme because of Chris’s career in the Navy. It worked for well for me also since I grew up in Kennebunkport. We had lots of little nautical touches throughout the wedding, from the logo on the photobooth prints to the shell-shaped whoopie pies. It was a fun theme. Devon

One of the funniest times was when Chris and I were attempting to take a pretty sunset picture down on the docks and simultaneously keep ourselves from falling in….that was pretty special! Devon

Chris and I would like to thank all of our friends and family for helping make this day a dream come true for us. We really did have the time of our lives. None of that would have been possible without your love and support. We feel truly blessed to have shared our day with each and everyone of you. Cheers! – Devon & Chris

The Bride And Groom On The Docks At Kennebunkport, Maine. Wedding Photographers Will And Lucia

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