Jessica and Noah's
Zorvino Vineyard Wedding

Noah and Jessica’s Zorvino Vineyards Wedding

Jessica and Noah planned their wedding the way they envisioned it, and I’d like to just highlight a few things that were unique.

  • They didn’t have wedding parties, but they asked special friends and family to lead their procession.
  • They walked each other down the aisle.
  • They passed their wedding rings around the ceremony, and asked everyone to bless them.
  • They did all their wedding and family pictures before the ceremony, and after a few appetizers alone, celebrated their cocktail hour with their friends.

Their wedding was on a beautiful fall New Hampshire day, and if you’ve never seen Zorvino Vineyards, I highly encourage you to spend an afternoon there. I hope you like the pictures. –Will

Before the Ceremony at Zorvino Vineyards

The Grapes And Tasting Room At Zorvino Vineyard Wedding
Wedding Dress Hanging In Barn At Zorvino Vineyard Wedding
Jessica’s Preperations
Beauty Products In Girl Scout Tin
Jessica Putting On Wedding Dress At Zorvino Vineyard Wedding
Jessica Holding Bridal Bouquet At Zorvino Vineyard Wedding
Noah Before The Ceremony In His Wedding Suit At Zorvino Vineyard Wedding
Noah In The Grape Vines At Zorvino Vineyard Wedding
Bride And Groom Before First Look At Zorvino Vineyard Wedding
Jessica slowly approached Noah
First Look At Zorvino Vineyards
Jessica enjoying seeing Noah before he could see her.
Groom Turns And Sees Bride At First Look
Noah turns and sees Jessica finally
Wedding Couple At Zorvino Vineyard
Bride And Groom In Vineyard Aisles
Wedding Couple Through The Vines At Zorvino Vineyard Wedding
Wedding Flowers At Zorvino Vineyard Wedding
Couple Holds The Flowers At Zorvino Wedding
Jessica’s bouquet from Ford’s Flowers were spectacular!
Before Wedding At Zorvino Vineyards Ceremony
Jessica and Noah had important friends lead their wedding procession, rather than having a wedding party.
Couple Before Ceremony During Wedding At Zorvino Vineyards
Bride And Groom Walk Down Aisle At  Wedding At Zorvino Vineyards
Wedding Ceremony At Zorvino Vineyard
Warming The Wedding Rings By Passing Them Around
The wedding rings were passed around the attendees before they were exchanged.
Couple At Wedding Ceremony At Zorvino Vineyards
Noah'S Father Performed A Song
Noah’s father performed a song during the ceremony
Wedding Couple Lighting A Candle During Ceremony At Zorvino Vineyards
Couple Leaving The Ceremony Altar  At Zorvino Vineyards
Couple leaving the ceremony altar
Champagne Toast At Fountain | Zorvino Wedding Photographers Focus Photography
Wedding Couple Under Archway Of Grape Vines At Zorvino Vineyard Wedding
Wedding Bouquet In Front Of Fountain
Appetizers For The Couple Delivered On Charcuterie Board
A Special Delivery From Noah'S Cousin Janet
A special delivery from Noah’s cousin Janet

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First Dance At Zorvino Vineyard Wedding
The Cutting Of The Wedding Cake
Cake by Jacques’ Pastries
Parent Dances - Jessica Danced With Both Her Father And Mother, And Then Noah Danced With His Mother.
Parent Dances – Jessica danced with both her father and mother, and then Noah danced with his mother.
Wedding Rings At Zorvino Vineyards
Dj Pete Played 'That'S Amore' And Had The Entire Wedding Surround The Couple, Closing In On Them During The Chorus.
DJ Pete played ‘That’s Amore’ and had the entire wedding surround the couple, closing in on them during the chorus.
Dj Pete Chambers Kept The Wedding Party Hopping!
DJ Pete Chambers kept the wedding party hopping!
Dancing From Wedding Guests
Invites For  Wedding At Zorvino Vineyards
End Of Night Image At Zorvino Vineyards Wedding
Our last shot of the night for Noah and Jessica
The First Dance Wedding Dip
Jessica and Noah’s dip at the end of their first dance is a great shot to end this wedding on.

Vendor Credits

Here are the other vendors who helped create this wedding:


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