Stickney Lodge


Stickney Lodge

Here’s a new venue in York County that will be available for wedding rentals soon – Stickney Lodge. The York County Fish and Game Association has this log cabin in the wilderness (okay, Lyman), and it has a perfect rustic feel for laid-back weddings and other events.

Last week Lucia and I did a photoshoot there with Laurie Andrews Designs and Blue Elephant Events and Catering (who have started a new venue management company called LA Blue) to show prospective couples what a wedding there might look like.

When Lucia and I arrived, the LA Blue team had already brought in much of the beautiful interior decor you’ll see in these images, but the outside of the lodge was a little rough. In order to create the images that you see above, I needed everyone to stop what they were doing and transform the exterior, and to their credit, they did it. Laurie, Melissa, Fausto, Joe, and Lucia – thank you.

Here are my favorite images of the interior of the lodge. Thanks for looking! – Will

entrance to stickney lodge in lyman
This is the main doorway where your wedding guests would enter after cocktails by the pond.
Stickney Lodge
Here’s my favorite thing about this shot – it wasn’t my idea. It was Fausto’s. As a photographer, I saw too many reflections to make this work, too much clutter, and I didn’t think twice about shooting through the window, but he liked the idea, so…. This image actually isn’t possible as a single shot, but it’s a composite of several images to combine the interior with the exterior reflections. Anyway, the reason I love it is Fausto challenged us to do something I would normally shrug off, and I really like the resulting image. Thanks for the challenge.
Table at Stickney lodge
Lounge area by fireplace
Front of Lodge
Globe lighting over dining area
Florals at Camp
The Table is covered in Boxwood, a very elegant way to do outdoor-chic.
The exposed beam give this lodge a very rugged feel. Wrapping them in plants tempers that.
One of my favorite shots of the day – I think it captures how romantic a wedding here will be!

Thanks for reading all the way down! Here’s a group shot of most of us that made this shoot happen (taken at the end of a physical work day!)

Fausto and Joe from Blue Elephant Events and Catering; Laurie and Melissa from Laurie Andrews Event Design; and Lucia and myself (Focus Photograph)