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Michael and John

The most love-winningly, heart-warmingly, and equality-affirmingly normal thing happened at John and Michael’s wedding on Sunday.  Friends of both of theirs told Lucia and I stories of how they had hoped that each of them would find someone perfect for them, and what an incredible blessing it was that they had found each other.

If there’s nothing unusual about that, you’re probably from New England, where New Hampshire legalized same-sex weddings six years ago.  But as marriage equality has been the law of the country for only just a year, I think it’s worth celebrating that none of the conversations were about John and Michael’s legal rights.  That conversation is over – love won.  None of the staff at the Wentworth by the Sea snickered about having two grooms; none of the guests at the hotel worried that their kids would see a gay ceremony; and the only thing anyone wanted to protest was the heat.  Love won.

And for John and Michael, two men who found each other after years of each of them not having a soulmate, their love triumphed.

“Lucia and William were a pleasure to work with. They were more than just excellent photographers on the day, they were a positive part of the whole wedding experience. They knew how to capture the pictures you expect to take at a wedding, but their beautiful images also showed us parts of our wedding we would not have been able to see and appreciate without them.” ——John Bradley

Wedding bands that show date of marriage
Same design – different golds. Michael likes White Gold, and John chose Rose Gold.
wedding details of mens' tuxedos
The Grooms - Wentworth by the sea hotel | same sex wedding
The grooms wore gray tuxedos with tails from Madeleine’s Event Central, and cravats made by Kathy.
The gardens at the Wentworth by the Sea
The ceremony site Wentworth by the sea hotel | new castle, nh
This panorama shows the regal Wentworth by the Sea behind the wedding guests just before the ceremony began.
The grooms on the way to their ceremony
groom escorted by mother
Michael was escorted by his mother Shirley Jean.
mom walks groom down aisle
John was escorted down the aisle by his ‘mom’ Kathy.
The ceremony Altar Wentworth by the sea hotel | same sex wedding
Exchange of vows - Wentworth by the sea hotel | same sex wedding
Wentworth by the sea hotel | same sex wedding
wedding photography by new hampshire photographers Focus Photography at Wentworth by the sea hotel | same sex wedding
Wedding Invitations
Wedding invites by Gus and Ruby.
Cocktail hour at Wentworth by Sea wedding
The Three Dollar Bill was a huge hit during cocktail hour and throughout the night!
Wentworth by the Sea Grand Ballroom
The Grand Ballroom at the Wentworth by the Sea
wedding cake and cutting at Wentworth by the sea hotel
Wedding cake by Jacques’ Pastries
the two grooms first dance together at Wentworth by the sea hotel | same sex wedding
The First Dance
a conga line breaks out Wentworth by the sea hotel | same sex wedding
Romantic wedding photo at night at Wentworth by the sea hotel | same sex wedding
Our last photo of the night, and just before the clouds obscured the moon.

Thank you John and Michael for letting Lucia and I be a part of your day. For everyone else, I hope you enjoyed their images. – Will

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