Lori and Drew's
Wedding at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston

Fairmont Copley Boston Wedding

Lori and Drew got married the week before Christmas at one of Boston’s historic churches, King’s Chapel, built when Massachusetts was still a colony of England. They had their reception at the grand dame of Back Bay hotels, the Fairmont Copley Plaza. But in between their ceremony and a party at a 4 star hotel, they did something I’ve never seen another couple do, and I’m going to let you scroll down to discover it for yourself.

Drew Outside The Fairmont Copley Plaza In Boston, Ma
Drew and his men got ready at the Fairmont, before taking a shuttle over to King’s Chapel.
The Lobby In The Fairmont Copley Outside The Ballroom
Groomsmen In The Copley Hotel At Christmastime
Bride’s Shoes And Flowers In Her Room At The Fairmont Copley Hotel
Lori’s accents were red – perfect for a holiday wedding!
The Bride Looking At Her Dress, As Well As With Her Bridesmaids Getting Ready
Lori In The Lobby Of The Fairmont Copley Plaza
Bride With Her Maids At The Fairmont Copley
Outside The King’s Chapel For The Ceremony
The ceremony was at King’s Chapel in downtown Boston
Drew Waits For Bride To Start The Wedding
King’s Chapel Wedding Ceremony
King’s Chapel has box seats!
Wedding Ring Exchange
Bride And Groom At Wedding In Black And White
Lori And Drew Leave The Ceremony
Stopping At The Sail Loft In Boston For A Cup Of Clam Chowder
Lori and Drew stopped by the Sail Loft on Atlantic Ave for a cup of their favorite chowder.
Clam Chowder At The Sail Loft On Their Wedding Day In Boston
The Sail Loft is the sort of small bar where the other patrons didn’t think twice about a wedding couple stopping in for a quick bite. That’s probably why Lori and Drew like it so much.
The Wedding Party At Columbus Park
The wedding party at Christopher Columbus Park as night fell in Boston
Wedding Party In Fairmont Copley
This Botticelli-themed background was in one of the unused ballrooms at the Fairmont Copley
Bride And Groom Walking Into The Ballroom Before The Guests
Lori making a face for me while she and Drew first see their ballroom.
The Ballroom At The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel In Boston
Here’s their ballroom just before the guests entered.
Bride And Groom Dancing In The Hallways At The Fairmont Copley, And Their Wedding Rings

Hey, if you’re planning a Christmas-time wedding, you should totally steal this idea from Lori and Drew. This is such a great way to remember your guests and their well-wishes!

Wedding Wishes Written On Christmas Bulbs
Lori and Drew had their guests sign Christmas bulbs instead of a guest book!
The Wedding Begins, Bride And Groom Enter The Ballroom
Lori and Drew enter, and the party begins!
First Dance Of The Bride And Groom
Their first dance
First Dance In Black And White. Panorama Shot Of The Ballroom, And Closeup Of The Couple
The Fairmont Copley Plaza Ballroom During The First Dance
Wedding Speeches
Speeches and Toasts
The Wedding Cake On A Balcony
The upper balcony is where the wedding cake was displayed.
Cutting The Wedding Cake
The ballroom ceiling in the shot above is exactly what it looked like just before Lori and Drew cut the cake.
The Party Starts
Bride And Groom Dancing
Wedding Guests Dancing At Fairmont Copley
DJ Jon Smith kept everyone on the dance floor, and the party alive!
Pastries And Cappuccino For The Party
Pastries and cappuccino for the party. In case you didn’t like the cake. I did not get to eat a cannoli, and I wish I had.
Bride And Groom In Downtown Boston
Lori and Drew in downtown Boston on their wedding night.
Bride And Groom In Downtown Boston At Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel Wedding
Invites And Wedding Rings
Their invite and wedding rings

Normally, this is my last image in a blog post, but remember I told you that Lori and Drew did something I never saw. It wasn’t the chowder, though that was pretty unique.

Drew in his tuxedo, and Lori in her gown, stopped at the waterfront on a cold December night, to see if the fish were biting.

Awesome, right?

Wedding Couple Fishing In Boston Harbor
Lori and Drew, fishing in Boston Harbor on their wedding night.

I’m not sure if the chefs at the Fairmont would have cooked up anything Lori and Drew caught, but the cold night air drove them back to their wedding before that issue became relevant.

Thanks for looking all the way to the bottom of the post. As you can see, Lori and Drew had a great wedding. Everyone was very nice to Lucia and I, and we certainly appreciated your patience. And, the Fairmont Copley Plaza looked beautiful decorated for Christmas.

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