Paige and Ryder's
New Year's Eve Wedding

Wells Maine Wedding

Paige and Ryder had their wedding on New Years’ Eve at the Village by the Sea in Wells. Not during the day, but after dark, on the actual eve. And not inside, as you’d imagine a winter wedding, but outdoors, in sub-freezing temperature.

Paige and Ryder are that kind of tough, and those kind of Mainers. Look at the pictures – she didn’t even keep her fur wrap on for the ceremony – she was bare armed in the night air. Amazing.

They had blankets on every chair for their guests, and a special surprise delivery just before the ceremony. Browse to the beer-bitches, below.

This was an incredibly fun wedding, and a great crowd! Thank you all for keeping it entertaining for Lucia and I.

Front sign congratulating couple, plus ceremony and blankets
The VBTS congratulated Paige and Ryder with a sign on Route 1!
ceremony lawn and seating
The bride's shoes
the bride and maids getting dressed
bride and maids sitting on floor putting on dress on wedding day
groom and his flower and pocket square
first look for bride and groom on wedding day
The first time Paige and Ryder saw each other on their wedding day
wedding couple at village by the sea
bride and groom with faces close to each other
wedding couple at ceremony altar
The ceremony site – in the daytime. You won’t see this much during the ceremony shots!
bride and groom formal wedding portrait at wells
For some different scenery, Paige and Ryder took us to the Old Marsh Country Club
the entire wedding party together for a formal portrait at wells, maine wedding
bride with her maids of honor
groomsmen and bridesmaids from different angles
groomsmen making a pyramid at maine wedding
I don’t know what conversation led to this shot. It might have something to do with the cans on the grass. I’m just grateful no one got bruised and required additional retouching.
bride and groom with maids of honor and men of honor
Paige and Ryder with their People of Honor
the wedding party leaving the golf course
bride and her maids before the ceremony
the ceremony site in the dark in the winter in maine
Paige and Ryder had their ceremony outdoors, in the dark. Look at the little light up trees that lined the aisle!

These are the Beer Bitches. As they walked down the aisle (disrobing), they revealed beer vests, and then liquor nips. It was that kind of wedding!

men with suits giving out cans of beer and bottles of alcohol
The Beer Bitches.
bride and her mom walking down the aisle
Paige and her mom. They didn’t disrobe, they didn’t hand out beer, and they didn’t have nips, but they did have fluffy fur wraps that Paige removed as soon as she got to the altar. I guess she did kind of disrobe, and you can insert your own cold-weather joke right here. You’re welcome.
wedding ceremony in the dark on new year's eve
wedding ceremony at village by the sea hotel
bride and groom kiss on wedding day
bride and groom kiss at end of ceremony
walking down aisle after ceremony
wedding rings on couples hands
wedding party inside the ballroom at village by the sea
bride and groom portraits
wedding rings on hands as couple embraces
bar menu for happy hour
table display during village by the sea wedding
bride and groom enter reception at maine wedding
wedding couple walks into party
best man's speech
maid of honor gives a toast
best man gives toast at maine wedding
large groups at wedding
Before the first dance, there were a few large groups that were important to Paige and Ryder
first dance of the couple
bride steps out of her long dress to reveal shorter skirt
Paige had a surprise for Ryder during their first dance. Ryder’s expressions were awesome.
bride and groom dancing at wedding
first dance at village by the sea hotel in wells maine wedding
party pictures with the couple on dance floor
bride on the dance floor at her wedding
dance floor pictures
DJ Shawn from the Music Man kept the dance floor full!
bride and friends at wedding
guy dancing with soaking wet suit
I’m sure there’s a story here.
bride and groom on dance floor singing to songs
dance floor train at maine wedding
light up foam tubes on dance floor
These light up foam tubes were a hit on the dance floor
wedding couple at end of night with champagne spray in wells, maine
For the last shot of the night, we took Paige and Ryder outside for a champagne toast with us, and instead they sprayed champagne all over us 🙂
bride and groom on wedding day at wells golf course

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom! If you can’t tell, we had a ball at this wedding, and can’t imagine a better way to spend New Year’s Eve!


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