About Us

About Us

A dozen or so things you might want to know

We're married, to each other.

Sure, we have different last names (William von Wenzel and Lucia Razionale), but don’t let that throw you.  We were married in a church in the North End of Boston (St. Leonard’s – it’s pretty), and neither of us wanted to see a nice Italian name like Lucia paired with Will’s Bohemian surname.

Many of the couples we work with tell us they prefer working with another couple – it lets them be more comfortable while cozying up to each other in pictures. 

We like to say “we know love, because we have love”, and maybe that helps us capture it on film. It’s definitely the reason we value couples’ portraits the way we do, and why we think weddings are the most important thing we do.
Lucia and Will - Image by our friends at Dachowski Photography
This is from our wedding at St. Leonard's in the North End of Boston.  The 2 ladies on the left weren't invited, and we don't know who they are.
Will and Lucia
I really wanted to work with photographers who would understand how Tom and I felt as a couple.

One woman we met with, though she is a great photographer, she was bitter about her own divorce. Not a vibe I wanted. Another couple had a houseful of kids at home, and seemed more exhausted than in love. And a different photographer was really friendly, but she wanted to know if any of the groomsmen were single, and I wanted her to be focused on us.

Will and Lucia were the perfect fit for Tom and I. They’ve been married for years, but its obvious that they’re still very much in love. We were completely comfortable being ourselves around them.

It’s kind of old fashioned to say, but when we worked with them it felt like a ‘double-date’, and not like we were with a single friend who wouldn’t get of tinder.
Paula Robinson

We work Weddings from Newport to Bar Harbor

wedding photography coverage
We work wedding in Providence, Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, and up to Maine's MidCoast.
We work weddings in Providence, Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, and up to the midcoast of Maine without a travel fee.  

Though we’re based in Portland now, we’re both from the Boston area, so this territory reflects our stomping grounds 🙂
We wanted photographers we could be ourselves around, and not feel self-conscious. We wanted to feel good about who we are, and about our relationship, and not judged. When we met with Will and Lucia, you could tell they were more interested in us, and what would make our wedding perfect, than in boasting about themselves. They understood us in a way other photographers we met with could not.
Allison and John Sjolund

We'll plan & schedule a relaxed wedding day!

Doesn’t that sound like an oxymoron? Planning and scheduling sound like the opposite of relaxed and laid back, but they’re not.

Chaos and stress are the opposites of relaxed and laid back, and they’re what happens without a good plan.

When you choose Focus Photography for your wedding, we’ll work with you to produce a photo timeline so we can both know that we’ll capture everything you want, and that you’ll have plenty of time to be able to enjoy your wedding day and your friends.

Your family and wedding party will appreciate the clarity of knowing when they’re supposed to be ready and where they’re supposed to be, and you’ll get  the confidence of knowing your day will be perfect.
Maine wedding photographer colony hotel 101
Will and Lucia were fantastic, they made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be and when.
Maine wedding photographer colony hotel 104
The plan they made with us told us where everyone should be, and what we had to do, making it so we could be relaxed and enjoy ourselves.
Maine wedding photographer colony hotel 105
We didn’t have to worry that we’d be late for anything, run out of time, or not get images we wanted.
Maine wedding photographer colony hotel 106
We were able to fully be at our wedding and know that all of the important moments were being captured.
Will and Lucia were fantastic, they made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be and when.

The plan they made with us told us where everyone should be, and what we had to do, making it so we could be relaxed and enjoy ourselves.  We didn’t have to worry that we’d be late for anything,  run out of time, or not get images we wanted.

We were able to fully be at our wedding and know that all of the important moments were being captured.
Emily Crawford

Wedding @ The Colony Hotel

We'll take great care of your wedding party!

We’ll never forget that your wedding party is made up of your closest friends and family members, and we’ll treat them like our closest friends.

We’re going to treat them like VIPs, but a little like VIPs at a celebrity roast, where Tinderella and the Lady Killer (don’t even pretend they’re not in your wedding party)  will be the ones being roasted.

Here’s how.  You’re going to tell us all about the people in your wedding over the next few months as we put your timeline together, and we’re going to use the stories you tell us to keep your friends laughing.

Our families and our wedding party can’t stop talking about how much fun they had being photographed at our wedding!

Brady and I knew we would love working with you, but he was amazed at how quickly Will became one of the guys, and never imagined his buddies would do any of the things they did, never mind enjoy it!

Photography was my most important priority for the wedding (after Brady I guess).  I love reliving every picture, how much fun we all had, and how good we all look!
Tammie Goldschmidt

We really believe that 'Love is all you need'.

If you are two people who love each other, then that’s all we care about. 

It doesn’t matter to us if you’re marrying a man, woman, or a martian – we only care about the emotion you feel.

And inclusivity isn’t just about gender and sexuality – we’re age and ethnicity inclusive too.

Our couples have ranged from their teens to their 80s, and we’ve worked with people who are from every continent except Antarctica, as well as American couples who can trace their family history to those continents.

As Lennon and McCartney wrote:
All you need is love (All together, now!)
All you need is love. (Everybody!)
All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need (love is all you need).

127 Maine wedding photographers
We're inclusive - same-sex, no-sex, even too old for sex.

Will & Lucia shoot every wedding themselves.

Forgive the momentary lapse into third person, it made a better headline.

Lucia and I shoot all the weddings at Focus Photography, usually together.  When you look at our website, we photographed every wedding, and we’ll shoot your celebration the same way.

We don’t subcontract weddings out.  Photographers refer to subcontractors as ‘associates’, but their ‘associate photographer’ is really just another photographer they might not even know, and not an employee.

If a wedding photographer tells you they have an associate available, they’re literally telling you they’re planning on hiring someone else to shoot your wedding for less money than you’re paying them.  And if that’s not enough to make you uncomfortable, subcontractors themselves can send a different person – totally legal as long as the ‘job’ gets done.

We think weddings are no place for subcontractors, and we don’t do it.

When you choose Focus Photography, you’ll work with the photographers whose work you’ve been looking at – Lucia and I.

Thank you Will and Lucia for all of our amazing photos!

After looking through your site, I knew you were the perfect team for our wedding, and I loved that you were the photographers for all the weddings!

Will and Lucia were worth every single penny!

From our first romantic shoot to our wedding date they made everything a blast and had everyone laughing along! Lucia and Will were incredibly organized and had the day planned to the minute. Our wedding could not have gone more flawlessly, they had our crowd cheering for us as we were walking into the ceremony and were incredibly thoughtful on how they organized our first look.

On top of being an absolute blast to work with they took AMAZING photos, out of the thousand images they provided to us I don’t think I could find a single one I don’t like.
Rachel Hall

Rachel’s wedding is featured in the attached slider.

We're Patriots Fans For Life!

We’re willing to miss a Pats game for a good wedding, and that’s a huge personal sacrifice those of you who are Jets fans may not appreciate.  I grew up less than a mile from the stadium (it’s the Razor now, but it was Schaeffer back in the day), and Lucia and I have cheered the team on from wherever we’ve lived in the country.  (There’s a lot more ex-Boston residents in Hawaii than you’d think!)

The reason I mention it is we treat wedding photography like we’re preparing for game day.  We analyze our last wedding every Monday morning to see where we can improve.  We game plan our next event so we’re the most prepared we can be.   And we put in the work practicing during the week so we’re at our best at each wedding. 

Every time we suit up we get a little bit better, and after 15 years of coaching each other up, we can’t wait to show you what we’ve learned. Your wedding will be the best we’ve ever shot, have the most complete plan for the images, and give you the most variety of images we’ve ever presented.  

We’re going to treat your wedding like another trip to the playoffs. See how I brought that back to the Patriots?

We think the Dance Floor is as important as the Altar!

When your party heats up, we don’t head for home – we head straight to the dancefloor!

Did you ever wonder why most photographer’s portfolios only feature images during the day outside?

It’s because it’s so hard to get great party pictures!  The lighting is low, the floor is packed, and camera flash can ruin the atmosphere.  A lot of photographers say ‘No one is ever going to hire us for our party pictures’, and they call it a day.

We think that’s crazy!  With all the time and expense that goes into planning a reception, you deserve party pictures that are awesome.

Will there be a band, wandering into the crowd?  Will you have the hottest DJ who keeps your friends in perpetual motion?  Will your grandfather jump into the circle?

Whatever happens, we want to make it epic.  We’ll be right there alongside you, ready for that moment!

If it weren’t for your pictures, I wouldn’t even remember half of the incredible moments from our party!  Yes, I might have had a glass of champagne (or 2), but everything was just happening so fast as well.

I love that you captured the guys singing to me, my bridesmaids killing their Beyonce routine, and the absolute joy of our wedding reception!
Emily Savage

We got our start in Black & White!

Will actually had a darkroom in his basement growing up, and learned to develop B&W film before he ever handled a camera.

Our clients get images that have been individually processed to show the full range of blacks in each picture.  These are rich, authentic B&W images, and not just color images converted to grayscale.

You’ll get artistic black and white images from you wedding, and as a bonus, you’ll also get those same images in vibrant color as well!   

...But we also love Super-Vivid Colors

Hey, there’s an important caveat here.  If you love the drab and washed out look that’s currently popular with many photographers, we’re not the right fit for you. 

It’s just not our vision.

We don’t see love as dull – we see it, bright, awe-inspiring and fully saturated.

Our images reflect the vibrancy of love, full of rich hues, and never washed-out, drab, or faded. 

As you look at our galleries, note the chromaticity of the images, and how your eyes react to the color.


Family is in our blood!

We both come from big Italian families, and so we understand the meaning of getting your family together at your wedding.  (Lucia’s family is all Italian, and while Will is only half, it’s his Italian relatives that he considers his family).

We moved back to New England from Southern California to see our moms more often – that’s how important our families are!

The pictures of our parents and grandparents at our own wedding, both the formals and the candids, have become even more important as we’ve lost people to time.

Family, after all, is the reason you’re not getting married in Fiji, and we’re not going to overlook your families at the wedding.

Hi Lucia and Will – the images are absolutely beautiful.  On a bittersweet note, my Papa Joe passed away a few days ago, and the entire family is just so thrilled that we have such lovely, happy images (and memories) of him and my Nana at the wedding.

So, I just wanted to drop a note and say an above-and-beyond thank you for your attention to taking so many wonderful pictures of my grandparents.  We will treasure them always….You are amazing and we had a terrific time with you both.
Julie Albert

We play well with others!

Some kids behave in the sandbox, and others think its their own fiefdom.  The same thing is true at weddings.

At Focus Photography, we know that everyone has to work together smoothly for your day to run the way you want.  We won’t let you be late for the introductions, we won’t get snooty when your aunt takes a picture with her iPad, and we won’t sneak you off without telling your DJ.  If you hire videographers, we’ll share our time with them.

And that’s one of the reasons why more than fifty wedding venues in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massuchusetts recomend Focus Photography.

We love having Focus Photography work at the Wentworth by the Sea.  They keep things fun, they run on time, the images are great, and my couples are always happy. That’s why I’m using them for my own wedding!
Alyssa Hamilton

Catering Sales Manager Wentworth by the Sea Hotel

We're not distant and aloof

Actually, we’re up close, personal, and jovial.

Let’s face it – some photographers have zero social skills. Their favorite images are taken miles away from the couple, they’re hard to interact with, and their awkwardness casts a shadow on the wedding day.  We know you’ve seen them at weddings.

That’s not us. We don’t carry cameras to keep people away from us, we have them to tell people’s stories. We’re going to call your parents by their names, and photograph them laughing together, and when they want something photographed, we’ll be happy to help them.

Lucia, thank you so much for the care you gave to my mother (name-removed). I know she can be demanding, and yet you took care of her like she was your own mother.

She’s so happy, in fact, that she’s ordering her own album of wedding pictures. Imagine my thrill at being able to tell her she could take care of that with you directly, and not have to go through me!

You’re the best!
Jen (name-removed)

We custom design all our wedding albums ourselves!

Here’s another benefit to having a full service studio – you’ll be able to talk to your album designer personally, and make as many revisions as you’d like!

Most wedding photographers have their albums designed by a service, and couples have little to no input on the finished product.

That won’t fly at Focus Photography.  We know that we’re creating your first family heirloom, and we want it to be perfect for you.

You’ll be involved in your album design from beginning to end, and we wont’ go to print until you’re 100% thrilled!

We know your choices will make your wedding unique

There’s 6, 502 important decisions you’ll have to make after choosing Focus Photography to be your wedding photographers, and its our job to create a little piece of art out of each of them.

Whether it’s the design of the napkin ring, the color of the men’s socks, the hand painted welcome sign, or the individual table numbers at your reception – your touches and your decisions will be important, and then gone.

We promise, we won’t let them be forgotten.

We'll show you all the ways we can photograph you - ahead of time!

It’s one thing to look at a wedding picture and think it looks nice, and another entirely to be the people in that picture! 

Wedding photography is a little unfair, because we all have things about us we don’t love in pictures; ways we stand or face that we think don’t flatter us.

If you could see yourself in all the pictures beforehand, you’d know what you liked and what you didn’t.

That’s what we do.  We include a pre-wedding romantic shoot for all our couples for this very reason.  Think of it as an engagement shoot on steroids.  We’ll create images where you’re a little piece of a work of art; tight images that capture the closeness of a couple; choreographed images, where we give you just a little direction; camera unaware images, where you’re lost in each others’ eyes; and traditional images, where you’re looking towards the lens.  

We’ll show you all of the things we could do on your wedding day, and you’ll tell us “I really like this, and not so much that.  I think my face looks ____ here.  We both like Mike not smiling.”

And on your wedding day, we only shoot images we all know you’ll love.  There will be no awkward moments; no images that make you look ____, and you’ll both be pros at the wedding photography thing.

We've been a team for longer than a decade.

On any team, consistency is necessary for excellence.  Lucia and I have worked together long enough (15 years now) to always know what the other photographer needs them to do to make an image perfect.

There’s no confusion about who will shoot what, and nothing gets missed because of confusion.

Contrast that with other photographers who work alone, or pick a different assistant, second, or associate photographer for each wedding. 

And because we’re Patriots fans, we want to remind you that Brady and Belichick played in 9 Superbowls over 20 years working together.  That may have nothing to do with this, but it’s always fun to brag about the Patriots. 🙂  Maybe you’re a Jets fan, and then it’s twice as fun!

new hampshire wedding photographers 128
If you want to remember how great your wedding was, and not how much you wish you had picked a better photographer, Focus Photography is the the best, and they exceeded my expectations.
Will and Lucia were great.  I am a graphic designer, so I have an eye for detail.  If one thing is off I’ll notice it, but I love all our pictures.  The angles they used, the quality of the pictures, the landscapes, the balance, clarity, everything was just right.

If you want to remember how great your wedding was, and not how much you wish you had picked a better photographer, Focus Photography is the the best, and they exceeded my expectations.
Jen Albano

We guarantee you'll love your wedding pictures!

Wentworth by the Sea Wedding Pictures SJ110

We know of no other wedding photographers in all of New England who have a money-back, keep the images guarantee that you’ll be thrilled with your wedding pictures.

There are some caveats of course (you have to do a romantic shoot with us beforehand so we know which images you’ll love on your wedding day), but in 15 years of offering this guarantee, we’ve never had a client who wasn’t happy.

Having this guarantee has made us treat every wedding as importantly as it deserves, because we’ve got our own skin in the game, so to speak.

Thank you so much for making Jamie and I look so good in our wedding pictures! We love them.
Shannon Foley