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Lucia and Will got married in St. Leonard’s Church in Boson’s North End themselves, and they know how important the marriage covenant is at your church.

During your ceremony, we will not stand in your guests’ way, we will not sneak up onto the altar, and we won’t be disruptive in any way. Your church will have rules for photographers, and we will follow them very respectfully, and we’re still going to create amazing images for you. We’re going to photograph your ceremony with all the attention and care that the most life-altering, symbolism-laden hour of your life deserves!

  • You’ll get images walking down the aisle arm in arm with your father/mother/together.
  • You’ll get wide-angle images that capture the might and the majesty of your chapel.
  • You’ll get images of the speakers and the events that will forever help you remember your ceremony.
  • You’ll have images that capture your excitement as you are pronounced ‘Married’.