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Outdoor ceremonies can be performed by a Rabbi, a Priest, or a Minister, but they can also be performed by a justice of the peace, a judge, an officiant, or the bride’s father (if he gets a couple credentials). As a result they can be either religious or secular, but they’re always a beautiful moment we get to witness.


  • You’ll get wide-angle scene-setting images that showcase the beauty of the ceremony site.
  • You’ll get images of you walking down the aisle arm in arm with your father/mother/both.
  • You’ll get images of each of the ceremony moments, whether there’s a sand ceremony, candles, glass breaking, etc.
  • You’ll get images of your friends and family as they enjoy the reading of your vows, and the commitments you’ll make to one another.
  • You’ll get emotional images of both you and your fiance as the rings are exchanged, and vows spoken.
  • And you’ll get images of the moment you turn as a married couple towards everyone you know and love, and they erupt with applause.