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The Bride's Details

From the Something Borrowed, to the Something Blue, all the details surrounding you!

All Your Choices - Immortalized!

With all of the time you’ll spend choosing the dress, shoes, and jewelry that you’ll wear on your wedding day, we feel it’s our responsibility to celebrate them!

    • We’ll create compositions of your gown and accessories in your getting-ready suite
    • You’ll get images of your bouquet when it’s at its freshest
    • You’ll get still-lifes of your jewelry and action shots of your mother or maid-of-honor helping you put them on
    • You’ll get a beautiful photographic record of all the decisions you made during the months of planning for your wedding

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Featured Review

Paula Wise
Paula Wise
Dunegrass Wedding Couple
We had all this jewelry, accessories, shoes, and gifts that I had bought over the last year, and it might seem silly, but I had spent a lot of time buying it all, and I really hoped I'd get a picture of it.

Before I could ask, Lucia was styling all of my items, and the detail pictures from my wedding are some of my favorite pictures!

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