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“Why Can’t You Be Happy For Me, And Then Go Home And Talk About Me Behind My Back Like A Normal Person?”

By the way, I know you got the reference, but that’s my favorite quote from the movie Bridesmaids.  

The most important women in your life

We’ll never forget that your wedding party is made up of your best friends and your closest family members, and we’re going to make sure they get great images too!

You’ll get portraits with each of your attendants separately, and also as a group. And we’re not going to just take a lineup shot, we’ll shoot from above; below; while you’re in motion; and while they tell embarrassing tales about you.

    • We’ll create portraits with you and each of your bridesmaids (and bridesmen if you have them) separately.
    • We’ll photograph them with their date looking great for your wedding!
    • You’ll get formal images of the bridal party looking perfect in every way.
    • You’ll get fun images of the group that capture the joy and the happiness you’ll feel around them on your wedding day.
    • You’ll get contemporary fashion images that look nothing like traditional lineup shots.

By the way, I know you got it, but the subtitle of this page is my favorite quote from the movie Bridesmaids.  

Featured Review

Tammy Goldschmidt Tammy GoldschmidtPoint Sebago Wedding Read More Our families and our wedding party can’t stop talking about how much fun they had being photographed at our wedding!

Brady and I knew we would love working with you, but he was amazed at how quickly Will became one of the guys, and never imagined his buddies would do any of the things that they did – never mind enjoy it!

And the bridesmaids got to be fashion models, play volleyball, and be pirates on a boat at the mini-golf!

Photography was my most-important priority for the wedding (after Brady I guess). I love reliving every picture, how much fun we all had, and how good we all look!